rosemary sea

● Rosemary ...
(British: rosemary French: romarin)
The Mediterranean Sea coastal area origin, green-related shrub that it is the way mint family goes.
Sort of refreshing flavor of herb is characteristic.
Dried leaf and flower become medicinal herb, spice.
The cause is meaning of "drop of the sea". Then with "rose of the Virgin Mary."
If the Virgin Mary covers with batter, there is un me that white flower of rosemary became blue.
Flower language "memory" "friendship" "love not to change" "memory" "faithfulness" "resurrection (yomigae) raseru in me as for you" "quiet strength."

Then origin of blog name rosemary sea is ...
"The sea of drop of the sea?" No.
"The sea of rose of the Virgin Mary?" That is wrong, too.
This coined word has three following meanings.
 ① We linked the low zu Mary sea, part of name of the whole family.
 ② Past has been able to kill rosemary twice.
   Therefore imagine state that precious things which we lost overflowed like the sea.
 ③ There is Haiyan called "rosemary sea salt".
   When article can write people at different openings.

● rozumari is ...
   Nickname of rosemary sea.
   We are doing correspondent registration from 2016.
   We organized "rozumari food lipounit" for three years, but, in March, 2019, had disbandment of primary unit.

● Style of article of rozumari is ...
 ① We begin to usually write de which "gift and oneself enjoy".
 ② It is usual that we write different katakana letters every time.
 ③ It is Chuo-ku are introduced here. mainly in shop in the sweets center. Please come to Chuo-ku.
   When "curtain of prayer sometimes goes down", we make a tour of locations,
   Rio Olympics medalist parade,
   Nihonbashi Bridge antenna shop total visit,
   And bond series of future new series Nihonbashi Bridge, true heart.
   ※ This is continuing "fraud to begin to begin".

● ... that rozumari promises
 ① We do not write article not to get the consent of shop from. This is the basis of policy.
 ② We write article of the orthodox school.
   Thus, we judge that decorated letter is not good.
 ③ We write article that it is easy to understand that it is easy to read.
   We use many furigana and commentaries.

・・* Please enjoy article of rozumari in future.

[image gets armored Kayabacho, Yoroi Bridge (and is chopsticks), rosemary gregariousness of the sleeve.]

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