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Earthquake of modern times when we attacked Chuo-ku

■ This month began and, in NHK, featured program which preached the need of disaster prevention, genwazawai with drama and damaged assumption titled "model week right under bodily sensation capital". It was described, and disaster because of the present age was there informed and saw and felt impatience to oneself who did not take any preparation. Though we experience heavy damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, it is ‥ ‥.


■ Therefore we took up two earthquakes of modern times when we attacked Chuo-ku this time and decided to look back on terror of disaster once again.

※Materials quoted temporary exhibition held with center Ward native district astronomy building for from October, 2018 to December from "Chuo-ku judging from history of disaster".

(1) Meiji Tokyo earthquake

■ Major earthquake (magnitude 7.0) of South Kanto subjacency model to be said to be the biggest earthquake in the Meiji year on June 20, 1894 (Meiji 27) occurred in Tokyo. Of "Edo as for the fire it was Ada, and increasing bake bricks and godown style gave many buildings severely wounding as monaka, fireproof building which charged for the modernization for bloom" and breakaway from fire city that had been made fun of.

 Damage that it was particularly a lot was brick chimney. The majority (376) of brick chimney which was in Tokyo City collapsed.


■ Damage in Nihonbashi Bridge ward was heavy in Tokyo City, and, among 3,996 damage collapse buildings in all city, house of Nihonbashi Bridge ward was 849, and, according to the investigation at the time, even most, Kyobashi ward were 569 most.

 Most of storehouse which ten thousand bank of a river (tsuichichomoku, existing 1, Nihonbashi) was lined with by this major earthquake suffered damage such as roof tile and wall collapsing.

 In addition, Rikkyo school the third floor of the school building part and central tower where the Tsukiji settlement 37th (existing Akashicho) matched by this earthquake collapsed, and the only victim appeared in around Tsukiji in Nihonbashi Bridge ward, Kyobashi ward.

 Earthquake of modern times when we attacked Chuo-ku

▲ State of the Nipponbashinishi riverbank fish market (existing 1, Yaesu, 1, Nihonbashi) where wall of storehouse was changed into

(from "Investigation Committee for earthquake disaster prevention report No. 4" 1895)


 Earthquake of modern times when we attacked Chuo-ku

▲ Rikkyo school school building which was damaged by earthquake

(history of Institute of Rikkyo material center storehouse)

(2) The Great Kanto Earthquake

(2) Earthquake of modern times when we attacked Great Kanto Earthquake Chuo-ku

▲ Evacuation site and dead person at the time of the Great Kanto Earthquake

(Saitama University Graduate School science and technology studies graduate course Yukio Nishida offer)

■ South Kanto earthquake to assume Sagami Bay which occurred on September 1, 1923 (Taisho 12) the epicenter brought serious damage by 7.9-magnitude massive earthquake in whole Kanto.


■ As for dead person, the missing person, as for 105,000 other people, complete destruction, partial destruction, destruction by fire, being washed away house, around 90% of victim depended on fire in 370,000 or more altogether. Intense wind (fire whirlwind) accompanied by fire in plural areas was generated and caused rapid spread of fire damage. There were many areas destroyed by fire because of spreading fire, and Tsukishima was destroyed by fire for spreading fire more than Sumida River of 200-300m.

 In addition, by this earthquake, rumor without grounds flew, and persecution to Korean seemed to happen.

 Earthquake of modern times when we attacked Chuo-ku

▲ The ruin of a fire of the picture postcard Nihonbashi Bridge whole area


 Earthquake of modern times when we attacked Chuo-ku

▲ From terrible sight Kyobashi of picture postcard Imperial capital great earthquake disaster Ginza Street