Beautiful cuckoo clock @ Nihonbahyokoyamacho of black forest

Nihonbahyokoyamacho: We performed in shop called store specializing in German cuckoo clock studio, mechanism cuckoo clocks "clock of forest" in the middle of wholesale district. As we have been introduced before for half a year in "the world that Matsuko does not know", there may be much to know.


This shop is shop which joined association of German cuckoo clock (when we translate Verein die Schwarzwalduhr: literally association of Schwarzwald clock namely association of black forest clock) for the first time in Japan, but why seems to depend on Schwarzwald district (※) being the world cuckoo clock birthplace whether "clock of black forest" is "cuckoo clock".


There is relationship a little this time and will give wedding present of acquaintance clock of this shop.

Originally intention of coverage did not have doing shopping, but decided to introduce slightly after having had permission as story of President Serizawa that came to shop was interesting in various ways.


That as went without preparations for coverage, do not have even writing utensils, and borrow to pen and paper; have been reported. . At first, ・・ which we thank you for


※Area full of nature of the southwestern part of Germany. It is famous even that there is the head office of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

The shop is forest of cuckoo clock

Beautiful cuckoo clock @ Nihonbahyokoyamacho of forest where forest of cuckoo clock is black in the shop

Shop cannot watch state from the outside of building in building being on the fourth floor, but is fascinated by cuckoo clock which lined all over the wall of shop at moment when we got off elevator.


Clock is image called industrial products, but thinks to be only elaborate craft rather than industrial products although of course clock forming a line here is precision instrument.


That is natural, too, and all the appearance parts of clock are handmade. There is thing given to hand paint. We seem to have been similar, and one one includes individuality.


And tone is healed again. The following video found tone of product of the company in youtube. (5648mayu improves) (of course sound comes out. In being careful)


・・With this ・ video, pigeon comes out of window, and "poppo" and person, that which seemed to have cried are kept for spellbinding named "cuckoo clock" (laugh). In fact, I modeshitaga (laugh).


How does "cuckoo" call with "Cook -" when we watch without preconception even if we listen? Okay, not only Germany, "cuckoo clock" (Cuckoo clock) is globally common, and "cuckoo clock" seems to be Japan's original way of speaking. In Japan another name for cuckoo "cuckoo." Then that it became pigeon which was symbol of peace as it was unlucky.

As for street organ

Beautiful cuckoo clock @ Nihonbahyokoyamacho of forest where street organ is black

Interesting things form a line as well as clock in shop. Teddy bear made in Germany got a lot of looks, but, of course, are street organ (hand organ) which what was attracted suddenly appears in with President Serizawa.


We were able to demonstrate by oneself, but president was fun melody and kind tone that wanted to begin to dance unintentionally♪

As it is difficult to express in sentence, please listen by all means as you also picked up scenery from youtube in performance of street organ of the same DELEIKA (Delaware squid) company. (Rokko music box museum improves. Of course this is over sound, too. In being careful.)

There seems to be outstanding pulling in customers effect if we demonstrate at events. Actually, this organ is not article for sale and it is loaned out at event of each place and seems to win favorable reception.


By the way, street organ had curio-like image a little, but was misunderstanding really. There seems to be deep-rooted fan and seems to still send new product off in DELEIKA company.

HP of DELEIKA company is this

Two kinds of cuckoo clocks

Beautiful cuckoo clock @ Nihonbahyokoyamacho of forest where two kinds of cuckoo clocks are black

We seem to be divided into two kinds of cuckoo clocks when we see even cuckoo clock of the similar appearance with mechanism.


One is battery type. We adopt quartz-style movement and can wash down digital recorded melody of 12 pieces. That cuckoo recorded what genuine article, too. The youtube video mentioned above becomes this thing, too.


The other is also rolling by hand type. It is analog type precision instrument of wonder to turn gear by gravity of weight which hung from clock, and to move the time signal or music box of cuckoo of machine device. There was only this in old days.


There are two kinds of winding for product on daily winding, 8th and uses chain of length of 160cm and weight three of 1.5 kg with roll on 8th if music box is belonging to. We touched with thing in shop a little, but were a feeling of tremendous weight. By the way, short chain and weight were attached toward the battery ceremony, but that was with decoration use.


It was battery-type that purchased this time, but longs for room and life to look good with rolling by hand-type clock a little, (^^)

Introduction of shop

Beautiful cuckoo clock @ Nihonbahyokoyamacho of forest where introduction of shop is black

We were preoccupied with cuckoo clock itself, and introduction of shop has become last.


Did you begin with misunderstanding?

It seems to be to see cuckoo clock again at German airport, and, surprisingly, to depend on where we resembled when we went on a European trip in the old days with opportunity when President Serizawa came to be interested in cuckoo clock. Afterwards, that after coming to be interested by homestay that served as visit to studio of cuckoo clock more and more, and saying, "we want to spread cuckoo clock sometime soon in Japan" when we return, it seems to have been taken ga "right now" (laugh), and "which" is one talked about "to stock which, and to return" somehow.


Therefore place that we do not decline with saying, "it is misunderstanding" will be personality of President Serizawa. As cash ran short, what we come back to three stocking, Japan by credit card first of all and sold off hard begins and seems to be what.


To clock master

Afterwards, we studied cuckoo clock by most self-education while working at import general shops for a while, and there seemed to come to be repair of "analog precision instrument of wonder", too. And we opened store specializing in cuckoo clocks "clock of forest" at last in 2010 and grew up before we had sales floor in partner shop and department store now in each places of the whole country.


It is not the simple stocking sale and is wonderful shop which love and maintenance technology has and deep understanding for cuckoo clock itself. Please go to visit by all means. Appear in upper photograph, but is not "repair", including exchange and plate setting of clockface seem to be able to customize partially.


In addition, "clock official site of forest" that history of cuckoo clock comments on in detail is this place. It becomes online shop.


Store's name Clock head office gallery (shop) of store specializing in Nihonbashi, Tokyo cuckoo clocks forest
Address 8-5, Nihonbashiyokoyamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours 10:00-17:30 (from Monday to Friday). Saturday and Sunday are no fixed holiday
Telephone 03-3249-8772
Partner shop