Director Mikio Naruse work "akiritsu chinu"


 Plan called "the world of 50 years Mikio Naruse is opened on November 9 after the death" in Jimbocho theater until December 20, but, from Saturday, December 7 to Friday, December 13, "akiritsu chinu" is shown.


 I have already introduced this work with this blog.


 In this blog, we wrote that we were seen in You Tube. As DVD is not released, myself saw in You Tube, too, but am looking forward to seeing this time in theater because I am deleted now and was thinking that I want to see once again.


 We can see figure another 60 years including coastal line zones from former Matsuzakaya department store (existing Ginza six), former Kyobashi Elementary School (existing Kyobashi plaza), Shintomi-cho neighborhood, Harumi to Ariake ago.


 Because Director Mikio Naruse was from former Kogakuin University, attachment in particular seems to have been strong in the Tsukiji River neighborhood. About former Kogakuin University ruins, we are introduced "even thing buttocks all sorts of subject" as "the Kogakuin University school birthplace".


 When "woman goes up stairs" with the supervision work, Miyoshi Bridge, Tsukuda 60 years ago are drawn, but do not seem to enter this screening list (DVD is released, and I hold this).