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Cash tsukamidori 
 ... Ningyocho mall cooperative ...

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Ningyocho mall cooperative, "cash tsukamidori" where is annual this year are held.

It is two times a year of holding, but expensive elected candidates appear one after another every time.

Period from Friday, November 29 two weeks of Friday, December 13.

Place is performed by special tent on the sidewalk before Ogannonji Temple (ogannonji) of Ningyocho at 6:00 p.m. from 11:00 a.m. at time.

There is Ogannonji Temple at 1-18-9, Nihonbashiningyocho.


We were taken care of by wa* (the side) of Ningyocho mall cooperative vice-director.

Then it is ...

Cash tsukamidoriheno participation method ...

Cash tsukamidoriheno participation method ... cash tsukamidori 
 ... Ningyocho mall cooperative ...

① We do shopping in shop of Ningyocho mall by December 13.

We get one piece of lottery ticket every 2,000 yen purchase.

We get one piece of auxiliary ticket every 500 yen purchase.

 Cash tsukamidorino participation shop is not all the stores of mall participation shop.

Poster of "cash tsukamidori" is put on store of participation shop.

In addition, conditions such as participation periods vary according to each participation shops, too.

Furthermore, there is shop without the handling of auxiliary ticket, too.

Please use after confirmation on shopping in shop.


② Auxiliary ticket is equivalent to one piece of lottery ticket with four pieces.

Please come to lottery place before Ogannonji Temple by 6:00 p.m. on 13th if you obtain right of lottery.


③ Ball of the following colors comes out when we turn rattle.

Cash tsukamidorino right is provided by the color.

 Top prize (white) ... ten-thousand yen bill, five thousand yen bill, thousand-yen bill tsukamidori

 The second class (green) ... thousand-yen bill tsukamidori

 The third class (yellow) ... 100 yen coin, 50 yen coin, 10 yen coin tsukamidori

 The fourth class (red) ... tsukamidorino right is not provided and can get 50 yen because of 1 ball.


 Cash tsukamidori 
 ... Ningyocho mall cooperative ...

④ Successful person of top prize - three, cash tsukamidorini challenges on the spot.

We put hand in the upper hole of box and think about strategy.

We take out of hole within five seconds after beginning to catch in box.

(mall measures five seconds with timer.)

In addition, thing which spilled on the box becomes that we succeeded.

Expensive tsukamidorino art ...

Expensive tsukamidorino art ... cash tsukamidori 
 ... Ningyocho mall cooperative ...

 We have very gentle older sisters of mall where lottery place is helped with teach large amount of tsukamidorino art quietly.

 Do not be carried away.

We calm down and challenge.

 Than catch eight pieces of thousand-yen bills, result that naturally one piece of ten-thousand yen bill has better.

Thousand-yen bill is feeling called "premium", of ten-thousand yen bill and five thousand yen bill please aim when is piled up.

 When lift from hole; scrupulous attention.

We cannot provide in particular from coin tsukamidoride hole and reduce sum, and there seems to be more even if we catch a lot.

Person in charge seems to advise person challenged by couple saying it "is challenged in women".

It is size of hole so as not to appear when we strongly grasp with fist (fist) of man.

The third class "coin tsukamidori" which appeared promptly ...

The third class "coin tsukamidori" which appeared promptly ... cash tsukamidori 
 ... Ningyocho mall cooperative ...

Image of the beginning of a sentence, paper money tsukamidoriha were things at the time of holding this summer.

Paper money tsukamidori challenger has not appeared yet around noon this time on 29th of rozumari coverage for the first day.

But we met with the coin tsukamidorino scene.

・・We obtained right of "coin tsukamidori" with this ・, only one piece of lottery ticket.

If catch coin, and put up; ...


 Cash tsukamidori 
 ... Ningyocho mall cooperative ...

Person in charge moves to lasting colander; and ...

・・・ person in charge runs to coin calculator and confirms amount of money.


 Cash tsukamidori 
 ... Ningyocho mall cooperative ...

・・It was ・ considerable good grade, 2,200 yen.

Acquisition cash is handed with thousand-yen bill and coin in form that exchanged money.

・・* Congratulations.

 Cash tsukamidori 
 ... Ningyocho mall cooperative ...

This got sister of mall that showed the second class greenstone at the time of holding, the permission this summer and introduced again.

Conventional "large amount tsukamidori" is ...

Conventional "large amount tsukamidori" is ... cash tsukamidori 
 ... Ningyocho mall cooperative ...

The conventional results are ...

It is nearly 90,000 yen at the top prize best

It is 27,000 yen that is 27 pieces of thousand-yen bills at the second class best

The third class an average of around 1,500 yen, get of the 2,000 yen level are excellent.


・・Large amount cash tsukamidorino chance by all means these as for ・ all of you without passing over!

It is repeated, but is until Friday, December 13.

Ningyocho mall cooperative

Ningyocho mall cooperative cash tsukamidori 
 ... Ningyocho mall cooperative ...

1-18-9, Nihonbashiningyocho


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