Minato native

Is it pigeon in Hatoba Park? ? ?

Hello, it is Minato native.

We did in Hatoba Park after a long absence as it was fine.

Hatoba Park is park at the west end of the sleeve of Kachidokibashi, the southernmost part of Sumida River terrace in the Tsukiji side.

Big monument of globe meets when it goes up stairs.

We project scenery of the circumference and are totally like crystal ball.

This is like work named "scene of water".


 Is it pigeon in Hatoba Park? ? ?

People who relax to think who sonogururio bench surrounds, and are heavy.

It is red, and dyed leaf bathes in light positive, and a quiet autumn time goes by.

Oh? Among human beings, we notice that there is many a certain customer.

What many things of pigeon!

Over lawn, it is coming and going.

It becomes perfectly round and basks in the sun.


 Is it pigeon in Hatoba Park? ? ?

In sandbox (sunaba) of Hatoba Park pigeon (pigeon). . .


 Is it pigeon in Hatoba Park? ? ?

"hatoba" of Hatoba Park is "waterfront" when we write in kanji.

This neighborhood is the river mouth district of Sumida River.

When Tokyo was had open city of in the Meiji era, foreign settlement was placed.

Tsukiji tax office and Tsukiji Hotel halls overlooked the sea and were right doorway of waterside.

But we are not good when it can happen because we think of Hatoba Park to be "pigeon ground" park.


Take heart; and ...

View from Hatoba Park is the best!

Breathe in glitter of Sumida River and the refreshing sea breeze to the leading role now in Kachidokibashi under construction.

It is Tsukishimagawa Water Gate and Harumi Triton on the opposite bank.

Pleasure boat and workboat which glide on the surface of the water.

Everybody including fine day, please go out.


♪ Center Ward Hatoba Park

6-19-24, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku


 Is it pigeon in Hatoba Park? ? ?

Correspondent of Chuo-ku Tourism Association Minato native
No. 66 November 30, 2019