Silver ornament

Until Currency Museum Kingo Tatsuno and Bank of Japan exhibition December 8

In Currency Museum, we display on theme called "Kingo Tatsuno and Bank of Japan" until December 8.

We learn architecture from British jozaia condor and graduate from official in charge of building college in party, and it is introduced that it lasts for having studied in the U.K. as government expenses foreign student, Bank of Japan main store branch main building dekedenaku, 25 years and was engaged in building of branch. And we can have leaflet (4 pages of A4 versions) which we wrote down the grand achievements.

And we can have Currency Museum having become from mint of gold coins under the direct control of the government of Edo to Bank of Japan, forged prevention technology of Bank of Japan note from booklet which introduced. Can see process of making work of gold coin of bright golden yellow on video, and lift chest containing a thousand pieces of gold; can experience. Please go out.