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We found in Chuo-ku in small autumn! 2

Hello, it is Minato native.

Wind became really cold. We went to look for "in" small autumn last time. We deepen in autumn, and town is turning expression little by little since then.

Do you not go to look for fragment of "in" small autumn staying in corner of town yet today? That's right, before winter comes. . .


 We found in Chuo-ku in small autumn! 2

Bush of tree leaving green leaf was warm, and it was still lighted.

Light that is kind to window of toy slur house.

Propagators who ever lived in this foreign settlement in the Meiji era still imagine while drinking tea at the other side of that window that they do not talk relaxedly.


 We found in Chuo-ku in small autumn! 2

We look at the Tsukiji Catholic Church under construction and walk Kyoryuchi-dori St. now. To place where Henry falls that won fame in fingerprint study in the Meiji era lived in.

ST Luke's Garden is built now here.

In substitution for former gun bank river, American dogwood given as tree of friendship by small waterway and United States of tiling colors the sidewalk now.

Whenever red leaf fell, we shook the surface of the water calmly.


 We found in Chuo-ku in small autumn! 2

Henry falls are people who opened beginning, Tsukiji Hospital in current St. Luke's International Hospital.

Xmas tree was displayed in hitoashi point when we looked in ST Luke's Garden.


 We found in Chuo-ku in small autumn! 2

Well, we will appear on Sumida River terrace.

Oyster bird met. We finished long trip and came home this year with autumn.


We have a feeling that the flow at time when the time that was foreign settlement is special still remains in Akashicho.

It is place where celebration of Christmas was carried out quickly in Tokyo.

Season when this town glitters most comes over.


 We found in Chuo-ku in small autumn! 2

Correspondent of Chuo-ku Tourism Association Minato native
No. 64 November 27, 2019