Chuo-ku - December edition ... of those days to know in memorial day

Hello! It is Hanes (splashes) of active correspondent.
There are only 1 month left this year in no time.
Sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval who began study may come from this month.
Therefore we want to look back toward history of Chuo-ku to clue this month in memorial day while including content being aware of official approval♪

Soseki mourning (December 9)

December 9 is anniversary of great writer Soseki Natsume's death.
Even if he was born in current Chuo-ku, there was not house in current Chuo-ku.
However, Nihonbashi Bridge often comes up in his work!

"London tower" Then we lose our way in London of studying abroad, and "rabbit of Gotemba expresses state that at last got home as for more than 20 times to rooming house to hear way in circle it seemed to be provided * () ri suddenly to the middle of Nihonbashi Bridge, somewhat".
In addition, variety hall "Kihara bower" of Nihonbashi Bridge appears in "heart" with "Sanshiro", and timber dealer appears within that famous inner conversation that "I am cat", too.

 Chuo-ku - December edition ... of those days to know in memorial day

It may look like it, and "the stage of Soseki masterpiece" and chopped monument and guide are installed in COREDO Nihonbashi annex open space.
In addition, there is monument of Site of famous waters : Shirokiya Well in the neighbor immediately.
When Tokyu Department Store Nihonbashi Bridge shop which inherited timber dealer closed in 1999, this famous clear water disappeared at the same time, too.
However, ^^ which thinks that coming tourist did not die out to draw water if we have drawn Asamizu until every Meiji Restoration for illness of the present head of a household being cured thanks to this water in the Shohei Echizens and remain now

Day (December 14) of 47 people day/Chushingura with slaying

December 14, 1702 (the old calendar) is day when the Forty-Seven Loyal Retainers carried out with Kira's house slaying!
In Sengakuji of Ako-shi, Hyogo and neighbor Minato-ku, "Akaho Memorial Service for the Forty-Seven Loyal Retainers" is held grandly.
It is easily Chuo-ku are introduced here. in there not being similar event in Chuo-ku, but some historic spots about the Forty-Seven Loyal Retainers remaining.

At first, Takuminokami Asano's house trace (Tokyo designated cultural assets) in Akashicho.
It was him who was recommended for the part of reception of Imperial envoy in 1701, but was ordered seppuku because we slashed at Yoshinaka Kira of instructor in Edo-jo Castle.

 Chuo-ku - December edition ... of those days to know in memorial day

It is horibuyasuheieibuyokorehi in Hatchobori side of Kamejima Bridge successively.
He from Echigo country worked hard at ascetic practices of fencing in the Edo era and had skill as it was called four kings of Horiuchi dojo studio.
Skill in fencing is recognized, and become adopted child of the Asanos vassal Yahee Horibe, of Kira's house participated to make a raid.

 Chuo-ku - December edition ... of those days to know in memorial day

Furthermore, there is Shinroku Hazama rest-in-peace pagoda which belonged to rear gate corps in the precincts of Tsukiji-hongwanji Temple with Kira's house slaying.
When we promote from Kira's house to Sengakuji, legend that threw spear which joined Kaneko together as own memorial service charges in wall of Tsukiji-hongwanji Temple remains.

 Chuo-ku - December edition ... of those days to know in memorial day

It was still me who was studying about Chushingura, but has written article under the theme of the Forty-Seven Loyal Retainers before.
We settled what we saw and heard at the time of excursion to Hiroshima and neighbor Minato-ku.
Have image "that Chushingura seems to somewhat have difficult" like me, and came [the excursion series first], and look including the Forty-Seven Loyal Retainers learning from wooden construction and Japanese confectionery; ^^
We mention Chushingura through imminent thing casually and are happy if you can be interested♪

In addition, we are of marriageable age, and 1910-1915 can watch photographed existence oldest "Chushingura" movie (black and white (some dyeing) picture, 50 minutes of silent) for Japanese movie birth 120 years by national movie archive with commemorative site is "Japan of Meiji to see with picture".
As for this, it is played all Kuranosuke Oishi with Takuminokami Asano with work by combination of father "Shozo Makino of" Japan movie and star "Matsunosuke Onoe of" Japan movie beginning by matsukorejo.
(we take up by this article about others, old picture about Chuo-ku.)

Day (December 20) of the department store opening of business

On this day in 1904, first executive managing director Ousuke Hibi of Mitsukoshi drapery of Nihonbashi Bridge did "department store declaration", and first Japanese department store was born!
This department store became Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store which everybody knew later.
(reference: Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. "Ayumi of Mitsukoshi")

 Chuo-ku - December edition ... of those days to know in memorial day

About triple rotation (we see and rotate) Shinto shrine, the Mitsuis and Mitsukoshi, edamame of senior correspondent gathers up by this article clearly.
We serve as sightseeing official approval measures, and we put together, and please see♪

Other memorial days about Chuo-ku

Sightseeing bus memorial day (December 15)
On this day in 1925, service of periodical sightseeing bus "you orchid bus" was started for the first time in Japan.
It is said that course was ... Ginza - Ueno in front of the Imperial Palace.
Sightseeing by bus became that it was familiar now, but it was event in these a little less than 100 years to have spread!
(reference: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism e-mail magazine No. 2007)

Memorial day (December 16) of paper
"The paper manufacture and print business stated with headspring of civilization" and preached need of Western paper production suitable for the spread of book and newspapers, large quantities print, and Eiichi Shibusawa who contributed to the making of basics of modern Japanese economy established "paper making company".
This company becomes OJI PAPER Co., Ltd. later and is connected by the stockholder in Oji Holdings setting up the head office at 4, Ginza.
(reference: Oji Holdings "history")

In addition, we can know contribution in Chuo-ku by Eiichi Shibusawa with monuments in Akashicho and Nihonbashikabutocho in addition to Tokyo Site of Japan's first Chamber of Commerce and Industry (6, Ginza) and the shoes business birthplace (3, Irifune).
The past article that compiled about Eiichi Shibusawa from this.

Telephone card memorial day (December 23)
On this day in 1982, the cardphone first unit was installed in Sukiyabashi Park!
As for the color of telephone, green that it was easy to confirm when we looked at with eyes seemed to be adopted.
Thinking that that there is few may increase now at opportunity using telephone card, but card-type merit being able to telephone without small change, and not needing to put coin even at the time of long distance call in succession.
And the recorded talkable frequency is displayed by card, and remaining amount of money and indication of talkable time understand that we insert telephone card.

It is digression, but we are studying abroad, and when we came to cannot but make a call, small change disappears on the way and calls back, and there is terrible memory from public telephone in Japan under the environment without electric wave of cell-phone when talkable time of the remainder is sharp in the middle of reservation sound without it being revealed (laugh)
Therefore ^^ which we think to feel importance of existence of telephone card unusually among the same generations
(reference: NTT technology historical materials building "original paperwork")

The Japan's first public telecommunications duties start date (December 25)

This is not memorial day, after all, is it not the first Japanese public telecommunications duties start date when we did great contribution for the Westernization if we say December 25 in Chuo-ku?
In Chuo-ku - October edition ... of those days to know in memorial day, we introduce episode for the pre-stage.

 Chuo-ku - December edition ... of those days to know in memorial day

When as event of December 25 was engraved into "denshinkizugyokorejihi" in Akashicho, waited in the official approval measures, and did walk; without passing over♪