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With the point of contact of two modern architects

We saw "small plan exhibition special after the death of story of Kingo Tatsuno and art for 100 years" the other day in Tokyo station gallery. (finished now for from Saturday, November 2, 2019 to Sunday, November 24 exhibition period)
*Tokyo Station Marunouchi side where we saw photograph from station gallery

Person whom we designed Bank of Japan or Tokyo Station speaking of Kingo Tatsuno for Meiji, the Taisho era period, and foundation of Japanese modern architecture was said to that we noticed.
However, that's okay, we were surprised at good congestion a little when we entered venue while thinking whether it was vacant as it was on the night of Friday and relatively enthusiastic theme that I went.

In the Currency Museum

In the Currency Museum with the point of contact of two modern architects

In addition, temporary exhibition of "Kingo Tatsuno and pioneer of Bank of Japan Japan modern architecture" was held in the Currency Museum and looked at this (exhibition period: for from Saturday, September 21, 2019 to Sunday, December 8)

Discovery that is unexpected on seeing both display personally! We will introduce that we thought of this.

What kind of person would Kingo Tatsuno be? One which hates to lose, and was stubborn is said to be one.
We work hard at study and enter official in charge of building college though we are born in house of poor low-class government official of Saga and the U.K. studies abroad abroad and learns building. We take young office as president of empire University college of engineering, and it is resigned from suddenly having been the wind.
Job with this empire University college of engineering president was considerably high position, and normal, in what we left, it did not seem to be thought in those days.

That the resignation reason was ... quarrel. Partner of the quarrel "Yorinaka Tsumaki" (tsumakiyorinaka)

Speaking of Yorinaka Tsumaki

Speaking of Yorinaka Tsumaki with the point of contact of two modern architects

Okay, architect that Yorinaka Tsumaki was in charge of decoration of finished current Nihonbashi Bridge in 1911. Bronze sculpture of giraffe and lion is appreciated as outdoor sculpture representing the Meiji period. Speaking of Tsumaki, it is designer of Yokohama red brick warehouse. Tatsuno is Tokyo Station.
As it were, we can consider to be red brick confrontation of Tokyo Station VS red brick warehouse.

It said Tatsuno for ambition with "long-cherished hope of architect to make up national bank (Bank of Japan) and central station (Tokyo Station) and three of member of the Diet" (the Diet building), but, as for Tatsuno and Tsumaki, the government will compete for the Diet building doing SHINPO rise for "exaltation of national prestige" in Meiji nation in any architecture in the point who designs.


There is Teijiro Muramatsu of building historiographer with expectation of differences between birthplace and native place of two people in this background. As for Yorinaka Tsumaki, family's social standing, piece and Kingo Tatsuno of direct feudatory of a shogun of Edo are from low-class samurai of Kyushu Karatsu feudal clan. As for the difference of this native place, it is said that new political system called "Meiji nation" and inverse curtain are invisible conflict with the done body.

We learn the center of building education from Josiah Conder of foreigner with both persons in official in charge of building college and achieve wonderful achievement.
As for me, there was not reason to know whether that it was conflict was rival, but knew deep relation of architect who represented modern times as expected. It became viewpoint new again when we looked at building.