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The representative of hair salon Ono group Etsushi Ono interview first part
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In the hair salon Ono group, hair salon extending to Tokyo, Osaka, foreign countries mainly on Nihonbashi Bridge as "Hair Salon ONO" is developed.

Nihonbashi Bridge has polish (and luster) specialized course main store and iki (breath) Nihonbashi Bridge main store.

We publish thing which interviewed representative of hair salon Ono group Etsushi Ono (onoetsuji) here.

It is the first part this time.

Then it is ...


 Representative of hair salon Ono group Etsushi Ono interview first part - hair salon ONO

I decided to succeed at the age of 15 (job of father).

When I was 34 years old, father died and, actually, succeeded.

For another 37 years, we do it from 1985 after we inherit.

We had of the chairperson of lecturers society of the whole country, the ninth. Last for two generations.


Is it not same if we say to a certain person whether difference between barbershop and barber's is found? .

That is different in history.

Where is different? This.

When speak that by seminar that the person hosts though we cannot say with a word.

Difference between barbershop and barber's was haircut surgeon that barber's was Western surgeon.

Therefore naturally it is hygiene thought that spreads in Japan when it does not have very high judgment about hygiene.

And we told barber and person who would aim at barber's from now on way of thinking about disinfection hard and said difference in haircut for barber, when it is different from barbershop in haircut.

When you must do hygiene properly in this way.

If what gradually changed is different from people who and changed little by little or already learn even Yokohama from beginning, and learn hygiene thought from barbershop in that because the person who did chignon from B.C. does not become barber suddenly and learned hygiene thought while, after all, learning job of haircut and did considerably.




Birthplace is Ota-ku.

When we entered 15 years old, Keio High School, Main Store of our Nihonbashi Bridge was entering (koredo Muromachi 2 is built now), and Koga Building, one of those days have disappeared in around 1977, but our father opened there a shop and it was said quite and made shop.

Then when Koga Building prepares Koga Building into Osaka.

It is real estate agent called Furukawa Fudosan and is empty, it is Furukawa encouragement of new industry, one of Ichibee Furukawa.

As it was said that Koga Building appeared in Osaka, it was said that our father wanted Ono Osaka to open a store.

The Shinkansen does not work at that time.

You shoot, and do you give shop to Osaka though there are only Kamata and Nihonbashi Bridge at that time? We do not provide even if we think how.

As father was said, be determined.

When we intended to say that we will provide, but of course mother objects very much and is not joke.

When you do what when providing shop in such a place.

There is not the Shinkansen on the run, it is limited express in door to door and is from Tokyo in guys fast most taking 9 hours for ko ttemone, eight hours.

That's why mother objected.

When I am dragged and will go to see Osaka, it was in thing, the planned site of Osaka.

I was not told in detail, but stay in Grand Hotel of Osaka.

Though there is bridge connecting Osaka and Nakanoshima called Watanabebashi, and there is Grand Hotel on the sleeve over there and is rigaroiyaru now.

You do in 2 nights, and be entertained with meal.

As we got on limited express echo at the time, and it was not best, or there had not been limited express, we thought that we got on.

・・Well, * Is marketing.

Then you eat shabu-shabu from father for the first time, and stay at hotel.

We have best experience for me.

Finally father heard it was said that you opened shop in this place, but what you thought.

I am entertained with brag; is empty, cannot object.

That's why we said that we should do it.

Then father be angry like enraged fire.

When I do not say you to hear such an answer as I succeed in call ndanjanai, what here that I will work as father.

sonnakoto gen waretemone, it was awkward, and I have been in trouble, but I thought, at time.

Shop having only 2 stores in Tokyo is to in one or Osaka that we want to begin to pat.

When father wanted to become the best hairdressing shop in Japan. When we will want to become. We felt romance of father.

Therefore when we think that I go to the best hairdressing shop in Japan and succeed.

・・We start in ・ such a thing.






 Representative of hair salon Ono group Etsushi Ono interview first part - hair salon ONO

Then and we went to Keio High School and entered technical ascetic practices of barber while going and took certificate at the age of university, and Seiji Tsutsumi of Seibu was visitor in year when we graduated from university, but became already dead.

Ono, we make department store which is authentic in Shizuoka Seiji this time, but is person of Shizuoka with what kettle and Mitsukoshi which comes so that all the rich people of Shizuoka buy for Tokyo even if they say when we are accompanied?

When we want to leave rich person in Shizuoka somehow.

When it is Saturday and Sunday, it disappears, therefore it was said to be in this way when it increased Ono by hairdressing as shop of full-scale service of Tokyo like Ono prepared a lot.

Shizuoka is district even if said that we would do what.

It is 1 store, 3 stores in total in Osaka 2 stores in Tokyo. We enjoy 4 stores and do. Do you send to 4 store meni Shizuoka? It is 2 store menarawakarimasuyo in Osaka.

Well, you were said whether you why don't do company product to father.

I am thing becoming independent, it is age that appeared, and university is 22 years old.

Then when we take out company as my company in Shizuoka of Seibu Department Store.

We made O (O) and made in Shizuoka, I am the first manager.

Manager is not yet defeated at 22 years old in history in Ono either.


 Representative of hair salon Ono group Etsushi Ono interview first part - hair salon ONO

・・Though we did our best with ・ Nishitake, after all, Shizuoka has a hard time quite in Tokyo and Osaka from front of it though but there is that it has just lost Nishitake that there is not shop (the staff), judging from aspect that it is various judging from education.

That's why as I was independent company, we did not want to stop original frank talk, but but our manager said that experienced person wanted to do the back of Shizuoka, and and we appeared and opened a shop near and visitor all divided Seibu of Shizuoka by by reserve there, and house withdrew.

Front of it can already play the shop of Aoyama, and there is shop of Miyako Hotel, and there is the next shop in Osaka and.

Shizuoka is inconvenient, to go from this.

To be frank, Shizuoka was far and took his/her ease in person.

We went to Shizuoka after Nihonbashi Bridge was over by all means (till then) on the last day of the year.

We said hello to department store after this display was over (Shizuoka) and did every that which launched, and then came back in the last of the Shinkansen of the staff for ten a year several years.

You leave our hand and took your ease a little in person.


 Representative of hair salon Ono group Etsushi Ono interview first part - hair salon ONO

Meanwhile, we made vision in the 21st century of the hairdressing industry which did the center of education after father died and lectured on in the whole country and did chewing (chewing) so that it was revealed to hairdressing business, and hairdressing business in the future turned around in chiefs in this way in the whole country in thought, one which we would turn in this way.

We go to one prefecture more than four times in the metropolis and districts. We went to some class every month.

You must go to prefecture each if there are any the northern part, the central part, the southern part and branch offices.

We made like that which there should be how how there should be way of thinking of things, industry of the hairdressing work in the future.

So with shampooing and kao* rioyattechadameda of level that what to do, visitor are oneself to have you feel value whether visitor feels value in thing that is what like, and it is possible for.

We said that we did not go unless we said when indeed professional and turned around.


We attended meeting of law revision as one of the well-informed people from the MHLW on turning into the barber method, the beautician method.

One or barber beautician that there is barber beautician curriculum Exploratory Committee, and school of barber beautician should make curriculum how in the future is.what should do to do in type in the 21st century

We say value of barber beautician, or visitor becomes expert, and level gadondo where even even permanent or face taking the tonsure is demanded from in hair color becomes higher.

When only shaver is poor at mustache having been good as for before because we were able to shave.

That if you want you to do more faces carefully or can pack, do it.

As old person does not learn such a thing, it is not told.

Therefore class to tell technically in detail at school being necessary.

You should study by oneself, but, in the young children, there is a difference very much by shop.

When anyone must fix environment to become barber of model in the 21st century.

When we shave face washing its hair cutting hair how there should be barber 21st century-shaped in my having been consistent, and set feels in customer, value in what in this, or technique and knowledge that are higher about feeling are necessary.

To that end, is it with such a knowledge?

Then when cut surunjanakute, way of thinking of network must just have such a skill from now on in class of PC because it becomes information-oriented society.


 Representative of hair salon Ono group Etsushi Ono interview first part - hair salon ONO

About care of face taking the tonsure, lymphatic flows must have such an expertise.

You must polish nail.

As possibility to hone in various ways has been sought, it must be hairdressing business that can affect that.

Therefore, in own place, shop thinking that we leave only this is supported by visitor.

We must make story to oneself.

When when people whom stress collects when some one and information-oriented society where "sound sleep club" made shop when we do not know, but economy got worse in Osaka advanced to "man polishing" increased, this is time that is the suffering for businessman.

Have the hair cut; when let's make environment to be able to sleep zzzz.

When we sleep if we come to visitor, house.

It is with sound sleep course or dreaminess course or product.

Businessman is relatively much environment for our visitor, rich condition.




 Representative of hair salon Ono group Etsushi Ono interview first part - hair salon ONO

I say Katmai's.

Because, as for the Katmai's, customer specifications, private room do Katmai's. It becomes shop of the person specifications.

So that we mind eyes of person of customer of the circumference, and the boss does not come to be adjacent when we cut.

Therefore we make private room and make "the information industry".

In there being Hideo Itokawa, future engineering, seminar of person of authority of astronautical engineering, and having said for we hairdressing business, that stays to head much more, but saying "hairdressing industry is rosy in the future as far as there is for the information industry."

Straight industry cutting is not good.

After all, of course 0 feeling can snuggle there up to background that is mark that is outsider "heart of atmosphere" "heart" how, or that of hairdressing business was said that had just begun.



 Representative of hair salon Ono group Etsushi Ono interview first part - hair salon ONO

・・We follow ・ latter part.

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