On November 5, promotion starts under the theme of "public holidays and festival days - of the sea of Celebration of Life - star" in GINZA SIX (5, Ginza) for holiday season. Period: From November 5 to December 25

Finnish artist, Christmas art by Mr. Klaus habaniemi are displayed.

We dance the sky so that it blows through the center, and two Lightning Whales of about 10m that master of Neputa of Aomori produced describes Japanese yen in space, and tapestry which printed art surrounds the neighborhood. In shopwindow of the second-floor foods floor under the ground, art that made Grasshoppers which got on Astral Sea Turtle and meteorite swimming in the sky the leading role is displayed, and fantastic art object using light, Astral Swan are posted in the front entrance, and the world of work "Astral Sea" where Mr. Klaus habaniemi described in on the stage of space at each site in the hall is developed.

In rooftop garden "GINZA SIX garden", we are going to hold first illuminations "Rooftop Star Garden" which created "microcosm space" which innumerable stars pour into during period of from November 26 to February 24.