Silver ornament

Until stamp rally center city walk November 10

 We went in Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center in Kyobashi edoguran. Stamp rally called Tokyo "center city walk" was open, and even this sealed with stamp. We put five stamps and printed, and this stamp did in one frame and made like print. We seal with stamp with ten of seal one and seal two in total. Seven of ten are stores in Chuo-ku. There are four quizzes that should answer. During period, it is November 10 from October 12.

 You collect seals and can get by lot! As for the premium, 800 people won Tokyo famous place can to 50 people 14 people, can tsuma set (tax-included) for feast ticket 5,000 yen of Edo. Fortunately, I won famous spot of *ta**honho can. ※Handing over of premium is only Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Please be careful. "Edo city walk MAP clear file" seems to have become out of stock. 

If there are any time postponements, please still challenge. After checking in intellect renanode, this, please participate whether the details have change.