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Friends of therapy dog sake warmer of Chuo-ku

Hello, it is Minato native.
We introduced first Japanese therapy dog "good dog sake warmer" with figure in bronze to Tsukijigawa-Ginza Park last time.

International association of therapy dog (Nihonbashiningyocho) representative who is adoptive parent of sake warmer, big tree Toru save dog just before killing and damage dog that we leave with family, and it was left by the Great East Japan Earthquake and do activity to bring up to therapy dog.

We want to introduce book called "dogs of stricken area aiming at therapy dog keeping alive" itself (2012 Iwasaki Bookstore) which he/she wrote of big tree Toru this time.


♪ SOS from dogs of Fukushima!

Nuclear plant accident of Fukushima accompanied with the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 (Heisei 23). Dog which lost owner and the acceptance system of refuge were not there enough, and there were dogs left for the place. There could not be anyone wanted to leave member of important family, and what it was. House dog which was registered only in caution area amounts to 5,800.

There was a dog that anyone wandered in town which disappeared looking for owner. Dogs which think that owner gets on, and run after bus which workers restoring nuclear power generation get on forever. It is thing that felt lost how, ...

One day big tree Toru rushed to Fukushima in response to contact. Two protected dogs were there. We lost weight and were not able to walk. Big tree Toru decided to take over these two of them.

Afterwards, big tree Toru rushed with nothing but the clothes on one's back whenever we informed, "there was dog which seemed to be killed!". All dogs fought against nephew, fear for wound to mind and body. It was days of help of dog such as baton relay with local volunteer.

It is event in a certain mountain small dog roundhouse.
When we pick up dogs just before killing on car, and big tree Toru was going to return, words that person of dog roundhouse said to, as for big tree Toru, it is said that unforgettable.

"I'm sorry, ..."

― We saw straight my eye and said in this way. Was relieved; look. This working person of killing can be hard alone.―
(from written by big tree Toru Iwasaki Bookstore "keeping alive" himself/herself)

Prayer not to want to sacrifice vexation that it is not possible for though I should do what by anger from this scene to society where structure called killing does not yet disappear and alone power, sorrow that there is not for words and no longer animal life seems to strongly approach.

And "kotodesu where thing, that of big tree Toru which activity aims at get rid of" killing. 


 Friends of therapy dog sake warmer of Chuo-ku

♪ 14 new friends

It was in new team, and 14 damaged dogs saved by big tree Toru began training for it to be to therapy dog in this way.

"The Japanese flag" of leader is mongrel of Japanese midget Shiba. Being followed "bond" of black color. "Fortune" and "good luck" that were born after earthquake in mountains. Similarly "Kinji" and "Ginji" who were born as stray dog. "Musashi" who did the best even if we lost one leg in mountains.

Leisurely grandfather dog "chiro large". White terrier "kozakura." The second piece "YAMATO." "We say" existence "Grandma Kome" of looking after of all. A lot of amiability "autumn princesses." Is not depressed by headwind either; "kantarou."

Three of them of those left for stricken area from earthquake disaster with senior therapy dogs two months later. People of refuge seemed to be pleased very much. Photograph that the Japanese flag and bond were held in her arm by grandmother who lived in refuge appeared there.

Grandmother cared for wool of head of bond. I was startled. We object and are anxious about dog which came as therapy dog. We might have remembered dog which you kept. We always did like that.

Possibly we thought whether it was thing such as "security" born among each other like that when therapy did not give from either, and dog met people. Therefore surely it is happy that dog comes in contact with people. I felt as if I was made to be relieved on seeing this photograph.

Is placed in the same circumstances, and existence of therapy dogs which is trained in the far-off ground, and came back is bright for people of refuge; was hoped.

Photograph of each therapy dog is in book, and state when it was protected and the innocent real face, everyday event to be trained as therapy dog are described in kind look of big tree Toru.

Sake warmer will be pleased with younger students being brought up vigorously on seeing the state from the sky.


 Friends of therapy dog sake warmer of Chuo-ku

Correspondent of Chuo-ku Tourism Association Minato native
No. 62 November 4, 2019