We appreciate country registration tangible cultural property (building)!

We decided to appreciate the real thing promptly as we knew that country registration tangible cultural properties (building) in Chuo-ku increased by three the other day. You thought that I hated, and, with registration tangible cultural property building, what did you check first on homepage of Agency for Cultural Affairs?

"Registration tangible cultural property building registers thing which got constant evaluation as cultural property among history buildings which passed in 50 years, and preservation is planned through gentle regulation called notification system, and utilization is promoted. Building more than 10,000 has been already registered.


Among things which passed after the construction as standard principle of registration in 50 years,

①We contribute to historic scenery of country

②It becomes model of molding

③Thing that it is not easy to reappear"

       If local in information for <registration tangible cultural property building system building, it is> by culture


If it was thing called this, we thought that registration tangible cultural property buildings of Chuo-ku would certainly increase more in future.


 We appreciate country registration tangible cultural property (building)!

◆Kiyo River store

Long-established store of eel which after entering in the sleeve, alley of Yoroi Bridge, there is. There is the entrance of gabled roof in house with the entrance at the side parallel with the ridge of building with a hip roof.

There is flavor with early wooden building of the Showa era very much.

 We appreciate country registration tangible cultural property (building)!


We turn at intersection of 1, Shintomi of authority of Shin-ohashi Bridge and are around the second intersection.

The black gate wall is impressive, is feeling called restaurant discernibly. There is front yard in a little space of the entrance and the gate wall.

 We appreciate country registration tangible cultural property (building)!

◆Cocoon mountain Ryusen temple store

It is at 2, Kyobashi where art dealers gather. The plaster of roadside black gets into eyes. As is expected, it matched store of art dealer and was finished in refined building.


 We appreciate country registration tangible cultural property (building)!

When it was the evening and looked as we went along near Kiyo River store, that published photograph early in Showa in addition as it was time scenery that skidded.

By the way, does ko eteirasharu person not think examination of sightseeing in the twelfth Chuo-ku official approval to be these three registration tangible cultural properties, check required?