Outing puss

Room where owner Ginza Okuno Building Room 202 ... noted product is

Hello. We love town walk and are outing puss.

This time is the Ginza Okuno Building second.

We went out to gallery <art space Ginza one> to play.

(as for the first article this)


We heard story from popular owner, Taiji Oda who came here for 21 years.



 Room where owner Ginza Okuno Building Room 202 ... noted product is

Hat is suitable. Oda of dandy dress.


What kind of meeting point was Okuno Building?

Oda "I did painter while working as office worker. As this building had the friend, we came to play. "Old imamaga was left and thought that it was building which might be very comfortable and proposed immediately then. We were popular and waited for one year from those days.

And we came for return of company here and described painting. Though it was blamed that it was deluxe (laugh) from all"



 Room where owner Ginza Okuno Building Room 202 ... noted product is

・・Work of ・ Oda. Fractal image to draw without using brush


It is great to borrow atelier while doing sarariman, and to describe painting.

Oda as "held private exhibition, attracted attention of the media well from the old days.

Therefore we called out to office worker who had national art raised <office worker culture art promotion society>. There were various people who scratched in making soba, office workers in street performer ... in office workers and was interesting. We followed after that resigned as office worker for 25 years."



 Room where owner Ginza Okuno Building Room 202 ... noted product is

・・Let alone ・ newspaper and magazine, it is appeared on TV a lot.


Please tell opportunity that became gallery from atorie.

Oda, in "friends of picture, did in gallery, and was said that let display, and began. Two galleries in building were three, but is there 20 or more now in those days?

As, thank you, I am not good at art gallery management, we sometimes have free interval. At that time, we use as own atelier. When art gallery management is too good, horse cannot all draw picture. Fortunately" (laugh)


When we borrowed room, was it not objected by wife?

Oda "did not object then. (laugh) which appear, and is said to be "which even" gallery do not need to receive now, but do not begin to have from the family budget"


Is there what kind of difference in now and old artist?

Oda "think that is serious now as there is not readily person buying picture. There was contact to cancel private exhibition the other day as I ran out of money.

Private exhibition was mainstream, but half of these buildings became group exhibition recently in old days, too."



 Room where owner Ginza Okuno Building Room 202 ... noted product is

・・In work of ・ Oda as for the masterpiece more than 2m!


Please tell state of Okuno Building of the old days.

Oda "something like <bank book> was kept, and handed rent every month in old days in the first-floor manager room. We told transfer that we understood state well each other when we had you bring without doing.

If after asking whether we might change interior of room, we made a hole in "wall and did not know the neighbor, it has been said to be good kinishiteiiyo". Therefore door of each room is individual, too. It was the tolerant times."


May you wish in Okuno Building from this?

Oda "building wants there to be old Ginza as telling thing forever in Ginza that be built more and more, and is replaced. Art gallery which is culture of Ginza wants you to remain in that.


As well as famous exhibition, we think that we have go to visit ... such place that people existing in their spheres of life are doing exhibition. We intend to work as the gallery until I die."



 Room where owner Ginza Okuno Building Room 202 ... noted product is

In pleasant story, we burst into laughter many times and have laughed.


In deep Okuno Building of history, there is the most this person!

History of the life of Oda was profound enormously, too.

It was healed by story of openhearted, wonderful gentleman and received stimulation, and thank you for a time of ... Mogami that tasted history.


We seem to image work after artist Hiroko Kimura (the photograph left) always looked at room of Okuno Building.



 Room where owner Ginza Okuno Building Room 202 ... noted product is

ka, cute ...

Puss is completely sense of closeness, but is not cat.


"Discharging Exit to drop Kimura rainwater which says gargoyle, and modelled animal and monster, person in Gothic architecture. As art to be able to be idle, we were going to have bowling at first, but magnet enters bottom and does not fall down. . . We were interested in gargoyle and always had form reflecting the image of gargoyle for oneself."


At the time of production, may you value?

Kimura "seem to settle image that appeared for brain at finger-tip. When image does not spring out, we cannot do it at all. We have a hard fight every time without becoming form just as wanted."


What kind of building is Okuno Building for you?

Kimura "think work not to match retro atmosphere of Okuno Building of me. Unique atmosphere is attractive."


Does Ginza think that it is what kind of town for artist?

Kimura as "have a lot of galleries, is stimulated very much. Dream is jam-packed."


Kimura who is very pretty as well as atmosphere of work, and is individual.

Is puss ignorant about art, but "wanted to take back to own room, and overcharged, and have done to one.

On the next time, we seem to be exhibited at "Ginza saying art gallery <prayer> exhibition" on Thursday for from Tuesday, August 6 to 15th.


Unique artist

Unique owner supporting that

History of Okuno Building in the future, history of gallery of Ginza are carved with by them.


By pleasure, we feel happy very much.



 Room where owner Ginza Okuno Building Room 202 ... noted product is

The Room 202 <art space Ginza one> next time 

From Monday, April 29 to Saturday, May 4 from 13:00 to 20:00

Let's go for joke of beautiful Yoshio of valley of <wisteria.>


In addition, what kind of encounter is waiting?

We cannot separate eyes more and more.