Minato native

Summer 2020 of Minato

Hello, it is Minato native.

Six stakes for anchorage were touched one year ago by Sumida River of Minato, and there wrote article to become ringside of birds. (summer 2019 of 2019.9.7 Minato)

We report the later state this year!


 Summer 2020 of Minato

Oyster birds came back since then when summer passed and became autumnal.

As there are only six stakes, do you take in black-tailed gull and oyster birds?…Oyster bird was not interested in stake very much when we imagined how.

We see what oyster birds line in automatic tide-gage station of the soul bank Island, and stop when from Minato.

However, black-tailed gulls which there was such a lot have lied low quietly. Do you decline to oyster bird?


 Summer 2020 of Minato

That's why, on the other hand, as for the stake, a cormorant came to be always outstanding in winter in autumn at vacant seat because we did.

We lined up, and cormorant sometimes stopped several and thought that cormorant ached so.


 Summer 2020 of Minato

In this summer, it is ringside of black-tailed gulls again.

Though we have still empty stake, other black-tailed gulls aim at stopping stake expressly and fly and send away with myamya.

We seemed to say that we stared as black-tailed gull opened mouth and stayed when hot.

pukapuka floats many black-tailed gulls when we look around Sumida River. Quiet…I am what hot without being said and become swift-footed unintentionally.

Sumida River terrace of midsummer is hot!

Please be careful about heat stroke, everybody.

Then it was for scene to be surprised at the other day! Six stakes were full!

As for the photograph, cormorant perches on all four black-tailed gull, two of the remainder from the right. Minato native observed (not able to go to visit very much in this spring) all the time during this one year and tried that we looked at seat for the first time.

So we were impressed unintentionally and have pressed the shutter.


We can meet oyster birds soon.



 Summer 2020 of Minato

Correspondent of Chuo-ku Tourism Association Minato native
No. 104 September 13, 2020