It is seen in Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal and the outskirts

By work of certain coverage, we went to Tokyo Tower.
View from the top deck (250m) is really particular. Broadcasting tower built in place of such downtown area in 1958 is right symbol of Tokyo. We thoroughly enjoyed 360 degrees, view of Kanto plains of north, south, east and west.
For correspondent of Chuo-ku Tourism Association, we wanted to take photograph of big picture of Chuo-ku from this height, but it was blocked by unexpectedly many buildings, and it was revealed quite invisible thing.
This photograph barely sees Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal. It is in corner of Chuo-ku.
It is that everywhere can look at doboku representing Tokyo not only Chuo-ku at a time by this view to have felt that it is great.
Other than Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal, for example,
・The Metropolitan expressway
・Rainbow Bridge
・Haneda Airport
・Tokyo Gate Bridge
・Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line
・Each JR East line
・Many reclaimed land
nadoga, it all seems.
To be able to usually see thing contacting fragmentarily at a time. It was good half day.