Of limited menu "shin anywhere is delicious, too"! "Nihonbashi Bridge ball i Ningyocho store"

It is edamame of correspondent with children♪


Kindergarten of daughter adzuki bean (always) began in August from the last week, too, but heat continues still more.

We eat such a sometimes delicious thing and cannot but get well! Right.

And we will surely feel great by corona evil

When do not have help of good shop of neighborhood; ...!

(of course we keep infection measures on calling in mind properly.

We wash hand properly diligently and do alcohol disinfection when we enter shop,

Be careful not to talk aloud than required in shop.

・・Oh, * Eating out goes "only in living together families" basically.)


Therefore it is "Nihonbashi Bridge ball i Ningyocho store" that wants to introduce this time.

"Well-known store of conger eel" where Chuo-ku is proud to speaking of "Nihonbashi Bridge ball i."

According to the name, main store is Nihonbashi Bridge. Branch is in Muromachi or Ginza as well as that.

Surprisingly, Ningyocho store opens in this July.

"There was in neighborhood! -♪" which wants to go and one which thought of heart secretly

It finally came true recently.


"Ningyocho store" of building with atmosphere.

That is natural, too.

There was explanation with "ruins of globefish restaurant which lasted three generations" in shop's HP.

That explains why!

Though it was remodeled neatly, it was the making of of shop where well-established atmosphere was felt in some way.

"Conger eel sashimi" only by close season

Of "conger eel sashimi" only by close season limitation menu "shin anywhere is delicious, too"! "Nihonbashi Bridge ball i Ningyocho store"

It looked delicious and did not seem to be enough in various ways even if there were how many stomachs

At first, we will have seasonally limited "conger eel sashimi".

It is taste for a limited time until around the middle of October.

As we think that it is menu not to be able to see at very normal place

We think like taste only in "specialty store".

I ate for the first time, too, but ... crunchy texture is fun and is eaten without any regret.

It was very delicious!

In addition, daughter adzuki bean challenged, too.

May chewy texture not be suitable for infants? We thought of this without permission

Delicious! Saying we eat more.

We may challenge in various ways when we become unexpectedly 5 years old child.

Standard "box meal" and Ningyocho store-limited menu "shin anywhere"

Of standard "box meal" and Ningyocho store-limited menu "shin anywhere"-limited menu "shin in where" good flavor! "Nihonbashi Bridge ball i Ningyocho store"

And star performer appears!

It is standard "box meal".

There is thing of various size

We are in one with children, decisively "kist."

(able to cope with serving a large helping of of rice)

The finish of conger eel has soft rakano "stewed advance" with fragrant "grilled advance" plumply

When it is "kist" "box" "meso box meal", "you are correct, and expand" of conger eel is enabled.

We were able to enjoy both two kinds of tastes. Satisfied very much.

Let's be to have said gluttonous adzuki bean, several times of "refill!"; or ...! !

Oh, yes.

"Bowl" comes on menus such as box meals.

It should be originally 2 bowls as it is order before two.

Share of adzuki bean brought bowl by service, too.

For consideration to parents with their children, it is thanks.

 Of limited menu "shin anywhere is delicious, too"! "Nihonbashi Bridge ball i Ningyocho store"

And this is limited to Ningyocho store; "shin anywhere."

Fleshy big conger eel makes omelet with conger eel pillow.

And it is form lying down with thin egg as comforter.

We had "stewed tuck" do this, but are soft really plumply. Soft.

It was even a word.

And omelet is delicious, too.

It is good to be able to enjoy taste of various conger eel.

 Of limited menu "shin anywhere is delicious, too"! "Nihonbashi Bridge ball i Ningyocho store"

Oh, yes. "Stock of conger eel" is put for +200 yen here.

We have way of enjoying receiving from ochazuke style.

As spice has you offer skin and sesame, wasabi of citron in various ways, too

We can enjoy without getting tired till the last.

There is takeout menu, too!

There is takeout menu, too! Of limited menu "shin anywhere is delicious, too"! "Nihonbashi Bridge ball i Ningyocho store"

We came home for "great satisfaction" like that.

It is coronavirus without state that infection is delivered to still more.

Person, after all, to be anxious about eating out may come.

"Stewed conger eel lunch is located within such a person, too".

In addition, there seems to be souvenir of rolling thickly with full of conger eel, too.

There is under this situation, but taste of well-known store touch all of you even a little.


And we wait expectantly for day when we can eat in the outside without any hesitation.


★Nihonbashi Bridge ball i Ningyocho store★

Address: 1-11-8, Nihonbashiningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Telephone: 03-5962-3770

Business hours

From Monday to Friday
11:00-14:30 (LO14:00), 17:00-22:00 (LO21:30)

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
11:30-15:00 (LO14:30), 16:30-20:30 (LO20:00)