Red motorcycle which can finish running town

Fire engine which sounds siren, and runs in Kayabacho. We were able to finish running two motorcycles of red color to lead that while this sounded siren. As for the person who waited at a stoplight at intersection "that red motorcycle which will be anything"    

It came for coverage at Nihonbashi Bridge fire department.

The official name of red motorcycle seems to be called quick attacker in firefighting two-wheeled vehicle, police station. We are deployed in ten fire departments of the neighborhood of Metropolitan expressway interchange in the downtown area (in Chuo-ku only in the Nihonbashi Bridge fire department) and prepare for accident, fire on expressway mainly. It is duty that we make last riding in the spot and extinguish a fire in help, the early days of injured person, and convey information in main force. This quick attacker arrived at the spot climbing over debris by Great Hanshin Earthquake by off-road type car quickly and charged through road cut apart by the Great East Japan Earthquake and we saved inhabitants of lone Kesennuma and made an outstanding performance.



Excellent quick attacker member

Red motorcycle which can finish running excellent quick attacker member street

We usually cross team in one fire engine and quick attacker two. As high marshaling technology and momentary judgement are required, excellent staff member of a police station who passed qualifying examination in police station seems to board attacker.

Photograph reprinted from material which I received from Nihonbashi Bridge fire department.

Quick attacker member who performs initial fire extinguishing

Red motorcycle which can finish running quick attacker member street who performs initial fire extinguishing

It is equipped with machine parts necessary for initial fire extinguishing in addition to lifesaving product (photograph converts from homepage of Japan Automobile Dealers Association two-wheeled vehicle special committee).

Clothes of member are made from something like cloth for thick tent. The beginning of August when it is hot that I came, and mask does not always go as we want. Member puts six ice packs on the upper body at the time of activity, but "seems to melt in 30 minutes".

Fixed position of quick attacker between two fire engines of Nihonbashi Bridge fire department. We do not put in the police station, but can see from street.