New face - Ginza chandelier ... of 4, Ginza

Hello. It is RIEdel of correspondent. On the other day, we find that facade of Ginza Mitsukoshi under construction is replaced with a new one for a long time if we walk Ginza after a long absence. As it was very wonderful design, you charged at Ginza Mitsukoshi and reported and told about process and design of new facade birth.

Longed-for town, facade of light appropriate for Ginza

It is Hiroshi Shinohara Sen of Mitsukoshi, Ltd. Isetan Mitsukoshi Ginza general affairs's section manager that accepted sudden interview willingly.

 New face - Ginza chandelier ... of 4, Ginza

RIEdel: As it was much under construction, we paid attention when it would be what like.
Shinohara: Thank you. Originally we were going to show in the beginning of July before the Olympics holding, but we were late under the influence of new coronavirus and it was in August and came to be able to finally see to.
RIEdel: What kind of intention would it have that part which could be also known as face of Ginza Mitsukoshi was changed boldly?
Shinohara: In fact, intersection of 4 looks have good even TV to as symbolic place of Ginza, but it is Wako that generally camera arrests (^^;)  Therefore we would say to change house to longed-for town, design appropriate for Ginza, and this "Ginza chandelier" was born.
RIEdel: It is really wonderful design. Would you be asked by famous designer?
Shinohara: No, in fact, this design is open call for participants in the company. "Should not engage beginning, me for famous designer either…"Thought secretly, but there are employees of beautiful university graduate plenty when we actually apply, and high-level designs at all gather. Face of Ginza Mitsukoshi finally became "Ginza chandelier" by president's decision.
RIEdel: It was open call for participants what in the company! Surprising. As for saying chandelier, does this come to shine at night?
Shinohara: Yes, LED light is buried in part of chandelier and shines. In addition, part of design panel surrounding people changes in beautiful color. It has not turned on yet as day is long, but is going to light up now after November.
RIEdel: Wow, is wonderful in autumn Ginza; is lighted. I'm excited.
Shinohara: In fact, TV coverage is going to become available tonight and does and it is short time, but lights up. We may be seen in particular if we meet in timing.

We open "Ginza chandelier" lighted up specially

Therefore RIEdel taught encouraging information stood by night after night at 4, Ginza and put figure of "Ginza chandelier" lighted up splendidly in photograph!

 New face - Ginza chandelier ... of 4, Ginza
 New face - Ginza chandelier ... of 4, Ginza
 New face - Ginza chandelier ... of 4, Ginza
 New face - Ginza chandelier ... of 4, Ginza

After November when light-up begins in, hue seems to change by season and time. Autumn will be long in coming now.

Access information: Ginza Mitsukoshi

Access information: New face - Ginza chandelier ... of Ginza Mitsukoshi 4, Ginza

■Ginza Mitsukoshi

〒104-8212 4-6-16, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, Hibiya Line "Ginza Station"
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