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History of crest Tsukiji Gobo

"We destroy octagonal chrysanthemum, and crest" is drawn on the Tsukiji-hongwanji Temple precincts, the corner lid in front of the main hall of a Buddhist temple. We destroy this chrysanthemum, and, like crest of "downhill wisteria", crest is one of the crests of Honganji, too.

There is crest called family crest and alternative crest and may have plural crests in one generation, the 1:00 charges.

 Crest of the Hinos who is the birthplace of Shinran saint "Tsurumaru." When relations with the Imperial Court are built, "the Imperial Crest of the Chrysanthemum" and "57 paulownias" which are crest of the Imperial Family come to be used. It was married Kazuko Kujo, and 1898, the Honganji 22nd charges suzerain, mirror above mentioned person (Master Kozui Otani) seemed to come to use "downbound wisteria" of the Kujos as sect crest at the time of handing down Buddhism to posterity report Buddhist memorial service of the mirror above mentioned person in May, 1903.

The Otanis, Honganji come to assume "downhill wisteria" crest together after this, and the tradition continues at the present.

 History of crest Tsukiji Gobo

We destroy chrysanthemum which we introduced earlier, and crest is used in various forms in the building inside of Tsukiji-hongwanji Temple.

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