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About house of Hiroshige Utagawa

(than Hiroshige Utagawa "famous place Edo 100 view University hashiatakeno shower")

 It is place that does not burst even if under Chuo-ku and relationship with ukiyoe print, but explanation version is installed in house trace about koto Hiroshige Utagawa when "we spent about ten years before dying in Ogamachi (goose) (the neighborhood of current 1-9, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku) from 1849 (Kaei 2)" and is person who was inhabitants of Chuo-ku.

 When we read this description (e.g., buttocks all sorts of subject of "Chuo-ku by Correspondent sightseeing official approval) before, I lived in Chuo-ku about about ten years of later years and imagined with ... which would live in place except Chuo-ku including the Yatsushiro bank (quit) bank of a river (current Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku) during other period. This may have various opinions, but being concerned with Chuo-ku as place of residence boils deep (long) a little more and, according to "the history of Hiroshige study" by various people, does.

 According to Kenji Hinohara,
・When Reform of the Tempo Era by member of the Shogun's Council of Elders Tadakuni Mizuno begins in 1841 (Tenpo 12), publication control law is given, and actor and painting of beauties are forbidden. Paysage itself which can limit the number of the colors is not forbidden
・Hiroshige travels in various parts of Japan for leap as landscape artist from that time. We move every several years at this time
・It is moved to Ogamachi in 1842 (Tenpo 13) by the Yatsushiro bank (quit) riverbank fish market
・We move to Tokiwacho in 1846 (Koka 3)
・We move in Kano Nakabashi new road from 1849 (Kaei 2)

It becomes in this. Ogamachi, Tokiwacho, Kano Nakabashi new road are near places each, will it be to have moved in within easy reach of? As I moved in Nihonbashi Bridge several times, we know (laugh) 

Home of shu

Home of shu about house of Hiroshige Utagawa

And we do 100 debt about home of shu and seem to build the new home.

In addition, if there are three about will of Hiroshige, and there is no date; according to the thing dated September 2
"Selling off house, and paying back debt"

This is listed, for phrase of death poem

"Anyway, gold shidainare other disposal as for the dying ground gokuno case"  
(possession: Edo Tokyo Museum)
I felt that I was not able to pay debt as it meant even if it was played a role that this was all during the lifetime unexpectedly.