Wonderful oyster ice man "beauty ice nerono bell" before Suitengu Shrine

It is edamame of correspondent with children♪


Summer vacation begins on ... August 1 if we think that temporary closure of a school of daughter adzuki bean (always) was over.

The instant first semester only for the lunchless morning childcare.

Still we make slight playing in the water while being careful not to become dense and

Observe summer vegetables; and as for (and and take vegetables which harvested to go),

We enjoy short-lived "summer".

Kindergartners have only thanks.


Well, rest that mother edamame of ... such inside is transient Chuo-ku are introduced here. (laugh).

Temporary closure of a school was over, and, on immediate Monday, June 8, wonderful shop opened before Suitengu Shrine.

That is shop "beauty ice nerono bell" of snow cone!

There were many days when weather was very bad, but at last openly "is hot"; it was in toiuo weather; one day.

"This thought, "it is snow cone weather!" and went!

So. Opening time for shop is 10:00. Meeting of the morning childcare of kindergarten is past 11:00.

We end house slightly early and are good to taste short-lived rest (laugh).


By the way, of ... "nerono bell" is Greek "to sleep"; meaning called "water."

"Sleep Wednesday" is lump, to become ice like bell.

And we seemed to be able to decide the name of shop from cord of bell of five colors of one of baby sitting zone of Suitengu Shrine which I saw very well from ... shop.

Deluxe snow cone with full of fruit!

Deluxe snow cone with full of fruit! Wonderful oyster ice man "beauty ice nerono bell" before Suitengu Shrine

Signboard of "beautiful ice nerono bell" is snow cone made of material of feelings!

Syrup sauce, condensed milk, ice cream, adzuki bean is all homemade.

It is snow cone which is high level that uses good material well, and was completed.

"Red meat melon milk" which is for a limited time on that day.

Seasonal delicious red meat melon and condensed milk milk.

And, surprisingly, melon caramel milk gelato hides inward!


With "pure fresh cream of the other adding with flesh", there is "taste is strange" on the way.

We eat and are full of invention to be able to really enjoy!

Of course taste is perfect, too.

Flesh of juicy melon was fully used and was one dish of great satisfaction really deliciously.


By the way, as for the season of melon, we reach the end ... soon.

From anything and the end of July fig!

And secondary to that peach!

Limited menu using seasonal fruit is going to come up one after another from now on.

We come to look forward to that season rotates when it can happen.


And it is consideration that ... stomach do not become too much cold

Hot tea is served without limit by self-service.

Stomach is slightly weak; and in called ...

If it is all in pattern with hot tea, may we feel relieved a little? We think of this.

"inu parfait in connection with Suitengu Shrine is recommended, too"!

"inu parfait in connection with Suitengu Shrine is recommended, too"! Wonderful oyster ice man "beauty ice nerono bell" before Suitengu Shrine

In addition, it is story of another day.

We had "inu parfait" this time.

This can taste various material full of variety.

Cookies of inu which is cute for Suitengu Shrine in front on top of parfait.

(we did not use coloring agent, fragrance made in store specializing in cookies, and seasoning was done when it changed color in powder spice of vegetables and fruit.)

inu sits down on soft and fluffy snow cone in sauce of fresh cream of ... strawberry quietly.

In the bottom fruit (on that day melon blueberry kiwi), caramel nuts, chocolate corn flakes, syrup of strawberry with a feeling of flesh.

Texture with variety is array very much.

Personally, texture and nice smell that we did a lot of caramel nuts which came out after ... snow cone zone was over were unbearable and were taste!

Of course syrup with full of a feeling of flesh of strawberry was favorite dish, and I thought like menu with a feeling of discount to be able to taste discerning point of shop little by little.


That's why we sent rest of short-lived mother edamame!

Outing is very difficult by infection spread; is thing which wants to find "wonderful place of neighborhood" only by just that much nowadays.


★"Beautiful ice nerono bell"★

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