Downtown area Tom

Kayabacho where history of Edo sumo remains

Place will reach the final stage from now on in July of the Grand Sumo Tournament, and fight for championship is curious place, too. As I love sumo, we go to visit every place Kokugikan.

As [the wild tide room] is in Hamacho as he/she knows in Chuo-ku, of course I support sumo wrestler of room, too. As gen*kokurai which loved the personality for the active play era becomes new boss, and room was succeeded to, we feel friendly feeling even more.

Well, it was held as admission charged sumo show of shrines and temples in the precincts of celebrity and temple and Shinto shrine in the Edo era if we looked back on history of sumo. Hachiman shrine of Fukagawa and Eko-in of court noble were two excellent things in the Edo era. However, it is held at other place. For example, Kanda Myojin or turf Shinmei shrine are so, too.

In current Chuo-ku, even (current Nihonbashi Bridge Hie-jinja Shrine) was held there was little number of times [Hie-jinja Shrine resting place for a portable shrine]. We had "Kayabacho Yakushi" in the same site and might cope with sumo performance in those days because it was the precincts that were larger than now. Person who came by way of walk guesses that it might have been a lot because it is the downtown area than court noble and Fukagawa.

We become interested in walking the Kayabacho neighborhood while following such a history.