Present of "Chuo-ku town corner pavilion period-limited quiz"♪

It is edamame of correspondent with children.


The Tokyo Olympics would originally begin brilliantly; nowadays.

But it is days to stay indoors quietly as infection spread is said in Tokyo.

Favorite phrase of daughter adzuki bean (always) "will be sammitsu, useless no use!" This

"When - of being over that it is about time when" Have a pain in chest very what is becoming this; ...


Well, well.

Of article that wrote at the end of May "follow"; ninarimasuga.


It is "Chuo-ku town corner pavilion period-limited quiz" that was offer reception desk until June 30.

・・With ・ anything.

... which has had "present which hit by lot!" !

As it was like this, type not to readily hit, we have been surprised a little.

"Young monkeys" introduced the other day, too,


As things which we had somehow seem to have been totally different

We introduce prize which arrived to me.

(♪ that thank you for your Kozaru, introduction)

1: From Edo Tokyo braid dragon studio experience pavilion

1: From Edo Tokyo braid dragon studio experience pavilion present of "Chuo-ku wait corner pavilion period-limited quiz"♪

At first, it is this.

"We cross Tokyo and are string clappers" than "Edo Tokyo braid dragon studio experience pavilion" which is in Nihonbashitomizawacho!

It is Japanese folkcrafts that braid builds colorful silk thread using circle stand or the corner stand in turn and makes.

It is "Edo Tokyo braid dragon studio experience pavilion" that can learn the making of this braid.

This product seems to be product which we developed by collaboration so that "dragon studio" and Chuo-ku Tourism Association send culture and folkcraft peculiar to Japan for the world.

Clappers are things "praying to one by great happiness for mind" with people who share the place by hitting rhythm with tool used for "time" to hit in total with shout at place of celebration.

We cross this Tokyo, and edge is made with string clappers by "eight characters" of increasing prosperity to express "long development and prosperity" so that it is.

And tie clappers; cross, and string is made of silk. It is good material of skin familiarity full of elasticity.

・・* Adzuki bean has begun to be idle promptly with "yo, papapampapapampapapampan!".

May be good for home!


In addition, beginner can do it in "dragon studio", too; cross, and experiences made with string are possible, too.

But it becomes "reservation required" including visit.

Please be careful.

http://chuoku-machikadotenjikan.jp/tenjikan/ryukobo/ (introduction page as town corner pavilion)

http://ryukobo.jp/ ("dragon studio" formula HP)

2: Book jacket of "Shochiku Otani library"

2: Present of book jacket "Chuo-ku town corner pavilion period-limited quiz" of "Shochiku Otani library"♪

The other is this.

It is book jacket which we had than "Shochiku Otani library".

This picture made "kumijotokagoesen*hagigodenjo" motif.

In the first place is "garden lantern picture (kumiagedoroue) ... in group?" But

"Picture for children which cuts and brings down parts in picture, and laminate, and is three-dimensional, and assembles, and plays kind of color woodblock print which was popular widely from Edo period to the early days of the Showa era.

The feature is that a large number of parts are located closely, and there are various types from one piece of thing to thing that it is plurally possible for one large work." ・* * Is thing called this.

"sen*hagigodenjo" is also garden lantern picture in group made in 1902.

We drew one scene in "agila wood predecessors in the family line bush clover" given the first public performance of in 1777 by (1777).


Message card was attached to present which we had.

"We hope that it is in a situation that many of you is seen by play and movie as soon as possible in theater"

・・Is true ・, in the truth!

I sincerely pray, too! !


In addition, Shochiku Otani library which is near as one of Kabukiza Theatre is library where is specialized in drama, movie opened in 1958.

Not only Shochiku work, it is big characteristic that can read information about drama (Kabuki, bunraku, new school, the new school of drama, business play), movie, Japanese dance, TV drama, animation.

Became topic recently; "scripts of super Kabuki "dress" are browsable here, too.

When some situation is settled down, it is thing which we want to see by all means.

We wait expectantly for time when we can go out without hesitation!

http://chuoku-machikadotenjikan.jp/tenjikan/shochikuotani/ (introduction page of town corner pavilion)

http://www.shochiku.co.jp/shochiku-otani-toshokan/ (Shochiku Otani library formula HP)