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Of me carelessly shrewdly


 It is absolutely a secret, but is miffi which I confused with Kitty in the old days.

It is the sixtieth birthday, and if it is dementia, it is sympathized with, or it, too, but misunderstanding like me is not allowed anymore (>_<)

 Author, Dick Bruna has presented whether miffi thought so in old days saying that Sanrio violated copyright and trademark.

 However, both reached agreement "that you should rather donate miscellaneous expenses of both companies to spend by suing to for Japanese restoration, revival" by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 and solved this problem hahokkorito.

 It being fantastic that does not consult with natural disaster itself for reason having no evil intention and loses every fight without gain of fellow creature, and to have been able to become at close opportunity.

 * wants to come positively without saving stress by being negative.

 Memory of the 65th anniversary of the miffi exhibition birth

 Now being held popular in front, Matsuya of Ginza Apple Store! (until August 10)

 It was in apology that we misunderstood, and the material peeped out shrewdly.

 Intended to stop by with Fra fura ... really whimsically, but ...

 Oh, (>_<),

 We did not think that we had this stolen by department store special event.

We set a limit to entrance of nichijiyubiteisei (>_<)

Of entrance limit (>_<) me of nichijiyubiteisei carelessly shrewdly

 Indeed it is all right if it is ne ..., big exhibition of art museum,

 After all, these times, check were optimistic (>_<)

 As exhibition was crowded too much for these past several years even if we will have that, is this just right?

 Even if corona ends in the future, we will always feel like wanting you to take measures to avoid the three secrets in organisers if possible from now on.

 But could sleep, and ..., carefreeness to be able to stop casually on foot aimlessly were my small joy, but online beforehand,-designated on the date and time; it is doomo that is nantoka that do,

 It is naaa - nka…

 As there is no help for it, let try to be Bra to free-standing tea ceremony room bridge a little, and is peek itemima ta at Nichido art gallery.

 It is kochiramohokkori healed content by "original scenery of Japan" exhibition (until August 5) that is doing it now.

 It was elegant space, but art gallery of Ginza neighborhood does not seem to come all the time as expected.

 The three secrets are impossible unless in extreme circumstances.

 In fact, we proposed in position of visitor carelessly and participated in Ginza art gallery circulation of "tour to be heated to be heated" shrewdly, and thing which we studied good at all by information for Correspondent Russian lullaby was accompanied by courage independent impudently, to do over art gallery last year. (originally although impudent! There is no feed called this)

 We did not know the inside at all although we did not mean to buy picture that there was Bra bura.

 It begins to be held with spots including some postponed exhibitions, but pandemic Riku's does not still go away, and, as for precaution and the measures, it is in required item to go where.

 Contact with self-restraint comes to bus volunteer whom I had of entry, and I am sorry for museum entirely though event was not called off entirely.

                   (only as for me?)


 The training and seminar looking forward to in various ways became cancellation or online course and "the non-pivot was non-sudden" and restrained ourselves from nobura walk and was correspondent activity and got by by such a loose blog article, and would there be anything problem?


*They get permission from shooting, publication of photograph, and all the images do not have any problem in public domain.




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