Lifesaver dispatch!

Nihonbashi Bridge fire department Hamacho branch office along Sumida River. "Hamacho lifesaver" is deployed there in addition to normal fire brigade. The area that was over several hundred meters of Cheongju Bridge is home base of drowning lifeboat. Nine belonging members train like day after day.

"Do you train in day of rain and strong wind, cold winter?"

"We train typhoons without serious danger." We answered my stupid question properly.



Despite training, the movement is just like actual fighting.

Despite training, the movement is just like actual fighting. Lifesaver dispatch!

We put bow of tei for person of sea disaster safely and we throw rope from the bow and find, but this is difficult. We have taken me, practical examination of the small size ship first grade. Salvage was required in examination, but I hit on Paul which we likened to person of sea disaster (unconscious by person of sea disaster shock) and wound up to screw (we die from person of sea disaster scattered bait state) and turned again without being put well (buried in water without person of sea disaster being able to finish waiting). It pushes forward tei at the most suitable angle like Hamacho lifesaver, and it finds person of sea disaster with slowdown, rope one, and it is the skill of professional that instruction saves to the stern.

We may observe this skill that seems to clap its hands unintentionally if we go for Sumida River along Hamacho 3. Aim is past 13:00.