Silver ornament

Tsukiji-hongwanji Temple official shop life article windmill (Kazaguruma)

 Speaking of the summer scenery "wind-bell." And it is "windmill" that it is blown by cool wind, and turn around.

In official shop in information center of Tsukiji-hongwanji Temple,

Tool praying at Buddhist altar is sold, but there is thing giving moisture in everyday life.

For example, something like many flowers is "windmill" to decorate with paper using made magnet.

He/she pleases time well when we send wind with folding fan.

Incense of design of Chinese phoenix stand

Put up incense of design of Chinese phoenix; Tsukiji-hongwanji Temple official shop life article windmill (Kazaguruma)

 And, in what we were looking for Kotatsu teo and found, there was grilled dish which cherry blossom and Chrysanthemum flower, scenery of Japan were drawn on.

We purchased Kotatsu teo of figure that refined Chinese phoenix was going to fly away elegantly in that.

When we are at home, we want to spend lighting incense calmly.


 In addition, we put cellular when we put string which bag to put beads away hangs and change quickly to goods which are convenient to be able to enter, and to walk glasses. Please spend slightly happy shopping time before and after prayer in temple of Honganji.