Extinction purple

Kabukiza Theatre is resumption from performance in August.

"Self-restraint relaxation", daily life is gradually returning with "Tokyo alert cancellation", but a little "glad news called "news of Kabukiza Theatre August star Kabuki conduct" has been delivered to life of datta me still more.

Although we were able to watch by free delivery for a limited time with Shochiku channel in performance in 5-month cancellation, March from March, "the raw stage" longed for when it was in resumption of TDR and professional baseball in spite of being view impatiently.

Kabuki flower-shaped in August

Until from 1 to 26 on August. (7th, the 17th suspension of the performance) is four part system. It kept "three secrets" avoidable dancing-centered program.

Part 1 11:00 ... "dance of the lion and cub"

"We tie up stick" ... at Part 2 13:45

Part 3 16:15 ... "Mt.Yoshinoyama"

Part 4 19:00 ... "Genji shop"

The general release is from July 15. There is no in seat in each checks (we open all around) part 1 program in intermission to take possible infection prophylaxis for performance in resumption and is impossible of eating and drinking. The number of seats that largely decreased, the seat contest seem to become strict, but the audience of Kabukiza Theatre is just impatient for.

As for the details, please see "Kabuki beautiful woman".