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Man who walked on seeing Tadataka Ino, star

Tadataka Ino seems to be history person whom the name is known to to Japanese citizen along with Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Ieyasu and others. It may know everybody state to be said to be "person who made national map on foot for the first time" "star of old and middle age".

There is place where chuuyamai ever set up residence in later years in point of Kayabacho Station Exit 1 of Chuo-ku. Making of that "Japan shore whole world complete chart" was carried out at this place, too, but chuuyamai dies without seeing the completion. For 1,818 years, it will be 202 years ago now.

During three years before map being completed after dying, the death was turned down. It is said that this is because there was thought of people of rotation to want to make achievement of map completion one of chuuyamai. chuuyamai is trusted by rotation when we imagine from such an anecdote and can hear about what was worshiped.

 Man who walked on seeing Tadataka Ino, star

chuuyamaizo 2018 of Katori-shi, Chiba, Sawara Park

The life of chuuyamai

We read some books and thought that we could greatly divide the life of chuuyamai into three.

 ①The times successful in Sahara as merchant
 ②The times when we dreamed with teacher, Yoshitoki Takahashi in the Edo era
 ③Later years when we continued walking for map completion

When it certainly came out at the age of border, 49 years old of ① and ② in the Edo era that it was turning point of chuuyamai. chuuyamai which handed over birthright, and liked retired person, study established home in Kuroe-cho, Fukagawa of Edo and was apprenticed to astronomical position, Yoshitoki Takahashi (we quit) of the Shogunate.

 Man who walked on seeing Tadataka Ino, star

House trace in Koto-ku, Fukagawa

We just came out in the Edo era in solstice, and two people were encounters that seemed to totally make an advance arrangement, but, as for tono encounter, life must be the best thing for chuuyamai in solstice by leaving will to want you to bury near in solstice later.

chuuyamai goes to Asakusa astronomical observatory and learns interesting study of calendar making, astronomy. And we came to strongly gradually think, "we want to know size of the earth". We had the same thought in teacher, solstice, but it was necessary to measure long distance between the north and south to realize that.

The times not to be allowed including surveying without permission in those days. However, chuuyamai did ho* between Asakusa astronomical observatories in the north from home and was going to seek size of the earth. But distance was too short to measure the earth.

 Man who walked on seeing Tadataka Ino, star

Taito-ku, the Shogunate astronomical observatory trace

In 19-years-younger solstice, we recognize enthusiasm and ability of such chuuyamai. And we thought that we might can measure the earth if we let him do the making of map of the Ezo place who became pending problem in the Shogunate in those days.

Two people are engaged earnestly for realization of dream to "want to know size of the earth". And chuuyamai may face the Ezo place somehow. It is time of chuuyamai 56 years old (the first surveying).


It was surveying for map-making in ostensibility, but true purpose for chuuyamai measure the earth. We were absorbed in interesting thing earnestly. According to ordinary person, it was thing that I thought like very great work, but there might have been not consciousness that we made an effort in chuuyamaijimi or did patiently. Difficulties and stress of trip think that it might have been to materials to be able to do while rather changing to pleasure.

Technique of his surveying has been already cultivated for Sahara Era. The method was extremely common, but there was various ability that we devised to him in practical scene. Place where characteristic one observed star when it was night to revise error of surveying. Not only we saw various stars, but also, other than Hokkyokusei, leave record that observed the heavenly bodies phenomena such as eclipse of the moon or solar eclipse.

 Man who walked on seeing Tadataka Ino, star

chuuyamaizo 2018 in former house of Sahara

In that way created map is evaluated in the Shogunate. Afterwards, we developed into surveying of East Japan of the second, the third and arrived at length equivalent to for latitude 1 degree with 28.2 village.

When we surveyed, in one solstice, chuuyamai decoded Western new astronomy book the fourth and knew that length of latitude once was value that 28.2 village was near and proved that result that chuuyamai provided was right.

It is said that we shared joy with tears in chuuyamai and solstice. It was supported that made map was correct at the same time to have been moment when their dream came true.

After death of Yoshitoki Takahashi

However, this; Yoshitoki Takahashi dies suddenly just after that. It is said that it was caused by overwork that got absorbed in decoding work too much. What kind of state of mind would chuuyamai which lost teacher be then?

 Man who walked on seeing Tadataka Ino, star

Ueno source sky temple that grave in solstice equals chuuyamai

After beginning surveying; four years.


If there was timing to quit the making of map, probably it might have been this time. One dream comes true and loses teacher, too. We got old, and pupils were brought up, too.

Unfortunately we did not know even if state of mind of the neighborhood read book. But as it was recognized whenever we repeated surveying, interest left for magnificent what's called "map completion of all over Japan", and it was felt that mind had been already ready. Surely the making of map included feelings and was absorbed.


In such an occasion, nice event happened. Map completed by East Japan surveying to the fourth is that it was made an imperial inspection by shogunka*. Warm hand places, and it is spoken whether ka* would admire the workmanship by the Shogunate more.

chuuyamai is collected by shogun's retainer, surveying of next West Japan in business of the Shogunate direct control. Surveying members increased, too, and support of the Shogunate thickened, too.

We get this big chance and charge for surveying of West Japan without question. The fifth surveying. We have become already 60 years old then. Is it age of around 85 years old if we say in now?

Thanks to support of the Shogunate, cooperation at visited place increased. Members increased, too and became easy to do surveying.

However, miscalculation for him having taken time for surveying of West Japan. Shoreline of West Japan was too complicated. After this, it takes 13 years until all surveying is over.

 Man who walked on seeing Tadataka Ino, star

The neighborhood of Inou figure, current Shimanami Kaido

13 years. It is very long time.


Having felt that we wanted to know chuuyamai most

Place called "what was driving force that continued making maps?". "Do you really liked?" We want to hear with this.

It is very difficult to continue. When it is particularly lonely.

It increases not to be able to enjoy obediently when we make that work even if we like. We have wanted to leave by putting time on the sixth, the seventh, the eighth.

But he had many understanding people. As there is the circumference, we are continued. As there is the circumference, you must continue. Understanding person who granted own dream after the death. As far as it is very enviable that there was such an understanding person around.

And, for letting you work above all, might you have felt value very much?

 Man who walked on seeing Tadataka Ino, star

Statue of Soyamisaki, Rinzou Mamiya 2018
Hokkaido northern half of Inou figure is thing by his surveying

We died ahead of completion though the tenth surveying was over, and map-making began at home of Kamejima-cho where we moved. Map by "Tadataka Ino" is completed three years later. It was later years supported by many cooperators.

It will be year of just 200 years from completion of the map next year.

 Man who walked on seeing Tadataka Ino, star

Grave of Ueno source sky temple, chuuyamai

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Encounter with me and Tadataka Ino

When we returned to the parents' house in Saitama several years ago and arranged old material, strange thing came out. It is leaflet of Ikebukuro sunshine planetarium which went from primary schoolchild to the time of high school.

 Man who walked on seeing Tadataka Ino, star

We thought that we went for reason that star likes to Ikebukuro, but probably are different at that time when we just reconsider. We were impressed by story of Galileo who saw when we had friend take with him/her for the first time and probably we felt that we wanted to know such a human story again and were jolted in train. It is Tadataka Ino that met in such a case. Ancestors liking my history are stories of Galileo and Tadataka Ino who met in planetarium.

But, in regrettable thing, most of the stories of chuuyamai do not remember. chuuyamai liked seeing star, and map was made on foot on seeing star. It.

As planetarium which we should have liked became adult, we did not follow.

To remember such a thing, and that indeed it is this year and will open the key to dream. We want to offer my gratitude for this blog which provided such a place.