Downtown area Tom

Come to Tsukiji of kaetsu

Tokyo of the middle of the rainy season. Most of "summer festival" held in this season is called off, and we cannot get close to charming sights, and there is feeling that I am sorry for, but we bear still now, and let's wait for day when the world comes back in usual times this year.


Event called "harai of kaetsu" is held from ancient times to cut down on impurity of the body of half a year on the last day of the month in June, and to be given spirit to confront intense heat. "We evade ring of Japanese nutmeg" and may be displayed like gasono symbol and can see at some places in Shinto shrine in Chuo-ku.


Even as for Tsukiji [Namiyoke-jinja Shrine], "ring of Japanese nutmeg" is set up in usual. When we quiet heart and evade ring, we feel somehow calm. Letter with "incantation against the plague" is written down on white flag. Originally there was meaning to send that away as it was humid in rainy season and was easy to get sick.

 Come to Tsukiji of kaetsu

It is open this very moment in "summer city" in [market where Tsukiji is interesting]. In addition, we can have a glimpse of ruins that were completely levelled the land of by [Tsukijiuogashi] [Tsukiji market]. For return of prayer. Including walk with Tsukiji, shopping, meal would like to enjoy? Of course we take infectious disease measures well. We will be waiting.