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My beautiful woman


 Speaking of painting of beauties, Yumeji Takehisa or color woodblock print of the Edo era occur for Chuo-ku.

 For "me", it is new in memory that "Tsukiji Akashicho" of Kiyokata Kaburaki was opened specially in National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo at time of whole museum of last year.

 By the way, how is it thing that there is not genre called "good-looking image" in the world where today's diversity is respected?

 We did not want to see according to ie, but, as for the category of painting of beauties, gender was fixed from the old days, and we described, and hand was man, and object was always woman.

 Why can handsome man not become motif of picture?

 For reason that look is man glance to painting of beauties in flow of modern Japanese painting, and is everybody men stake basically.

 There seems to be genre similar to the West, but, according to Wikipedia, as for name itself "painting of beauties", Japan seems to be the birthplace.

 Neat and clean woman image and pretty girl are mainstream, and, in the case of foreign film, it seems to have possibilities to be said that concept called painting of beauties stirring delusion peculiar to man including harlot and high-class prostitute is thing peculiar to Japan.


Japanese woman figure that ancient rite is refined

Beautiful woman of Japanese woman figure me that ancient rite is refined

 For example, Shoen Uemura might have been painter about painting of beauties in woman glance for the first time.

 Describe, and, regardless of the nature of person of hand and appreciation, is said that is desirable for Japanese-style woman, virtue almost convention mark feels like there being to painting of beauties of our country slightly.

 I feel slightly graceful and think that simplicity to "be served" if we say to modern type, and not to be is attractive.

 Woman calming down with no makeup than girl attacking by make with spirit says (opinion by individual)

 It is good with both honesty only by my being men stake simply…(>_<)


Beautiful woman who is in art and interval of culture

Beautiful woman of beautiful woman me who is in art and interval of culture

 Therefore for "painting of beauties borderlessness 2020" that is open in Nihonbashi Bridge now exhibition close contact shitekima ta (until * July 12)

  [the fourth floor of the 2-5, Nihonbashiodenmacho Ishikura Building miurajirou gallery]


... that we step over ward boundary, and mood rises as it is full two months since the last plunge to Chuo-ku♪

 This is pop beautiful woman painting exhibition in modern art.
 We feel the best in naming sense called "borderlessness" whether it is attempt that a lot of women describe contemporary girl in painting of beauties style to writer.

 I felt art and gray zone of subculture for meta-message of this "borderlessness".

(book of the title is now on sale in venue, too, but is not pictorial record of display product)

 Though like this held around Shibuya or Roppongi, and there seems to be pulling in customers effect, what we do in Nihonbashi Bridge is admirable.

 There is thing steaming haze haze spot when we stare in man glance (opinion by individual), but it is healthy, stylish contents generally.

 We say treat for the eye in a good way, or, after all, like this heals...

 But, rather than picture and image, we are different that we remind of "painting of beauties" in Japanese ancient times by super exact CG or realistic expression.

 Oh, rather than art appreciation, it was impression of feeling that saw Instagram raw. (impression by individual)


 My beautiful woman


 Is it brassiere unintentionally that was interesting? Think of this, and eyes were nailed, but, in fact, there is work which did mask on canvas, and called "with corona" is timely? na concept does not know whether there is not whether there is problem, but feels like having seen art and border line of subculture here.

 Might have been prosperous very much, but, on the first day that came, I am deserted, and, without corona disturbance, can contact with work heavily more; ma ta.


 My beautiful woman

  *It is no charge for admission, but seemed to like mask wearing.


Access: It is 0%-0% on foot from subway Hibiya Line, Kodemmacho Station



 *All shooting, the photographs which we published get the consent of sponsor.