Small Edo Itabashi

Look for child squirrel! The Tsukishima University dragnet.


Urgent order.

Member gather promptly.

In the place, "Tsukishima thing is in front of the promotion society".

We can confirm immediately if we go out subway Tsukishima Station seventh doorway.


This mission is to find out stuffed toy of child squirrel.

It is left out of arm of Kawamoto peach on the way of walk smoothly, and it is said that we were lost in town of Tsukishima.

This squirrel seems to be character of education program called animation Mr. squirrel pocket to have habitation in "lion of March".

We live in pocket of older sister of host, but the actual situation is given mystery.

It is famous among kindergarteners because it becomes "korisuno Bakery" and "korisunokajuen" of picture book.

Witness information that escaped into back alley comes.

We find out by all means and find safely and send to her immediately!


 Look for child squirrel! The Tsukishima University dragnet.


He/she gives various clues here to search back alley.

At first, let's obtain map of Tsukishima connection.

"Tsukishima walk map" and "Tsukishima alley map" are comforts which condensed charm of area tightly although being compact.

Of "oku as for around Tsukishima thing, as for the guidance", the back side becomes English notation.

In addition, pleasant souvenirs such as Monjayaki sets are prepared.

And it is good to ask the gentle staff casually if it may not understand.


In Tsukishima, a lot of alleys exist.

It is prey, but map functions as compass, and the first person should show on street until Tsukishima expression house and tenement house architecture same as old days very much.

As these outskirts did not receive damage of blitzkrieg directly, it is valuable area which can see Edo period and step of modern city planning.

Alley is way of life. We make mutual concessions and will go carefully calmly.


 Look for child squirrel! The Tsukishima University dragnet.


Monjayaki is local food of downtown area.

We mix various ingredients with dough which we dissolved wheat flour in together and bake and eat.

In corner of shop of cheap candy person, we have been used as snacks of children.


For the Kawamotos, it is feast of special day.

As for the thing, it was Jiro that talked about dream Takahashi to go to Koshien, and to aim at professional.

"Seafood thing" including "stir-fried kimchi and pork" menu evolves in sequence.

Special menu for Kawamoto light "rice cake cheese Mentaiko."


 Look for child squirrel! The Tsukishima University dragnet.



 There is information that squirrel ran through back alley and goes to the field.


Well-known store of Monjayaki opens noren in the depths of alley.

Tsukishima Nishinaka-dori St. mall is put out orderly for division from the first Avenue to the fourth Avenue, and length is 500m.

"Street as for Tsukishima thing"

About 80 or more stores unfold there.


 Look for child squirrel! The Tsukishima University dragnet.


On the arcade of triangle roof, do you notice that there are signboards such as liquor shop and the U.S. shop, store?

By Tsukishima nomonjaha, improvement of convenience by the opening of business of subway Tsukishima Station and effect that became stage of gong in the morning of NHK, we came to be recognized as noted product of downtown area widely.

To boom, entry from new business was carried out at a stretch, too.

Remains of former store are just left as reputation.


 Look for child squirrel! The Tsukishima University dragnet.


 "Hello, did you not look at bunny rabbit of peach?."


Authority of Tsukishima police station west relation area security center is a Landmark-like now.

The oldest police box architecture existing in the Metropolitan Police Department jurisdiction rebuilt to current concrete product in July, 1926.


Blog of "Kawamoto three sisters" of May 20 let freaks of the guide period of "lion of March" rustle all the time.

They spun door painting of book, and neither squirrel nor duck comes up in the main story.

Cat comes up well.

It is topic without knowing other than the person to know really.


 Look for child squirrel! The Tsukishima University dragnet.


 We are escaping in in front of baker.



There is good baker in Tsukishima.

As type has abundant melonpan, lunch on Sumida River terrace is recommended, too.


 Look for child squirrel! The Tsukishima University dragnet.


In the Ishikawajima Park area, we confirm escape squirrel.

You turn down encircling net, and find.

"Oh. We have jumped into Sumida River."


Society ground of child that Tsukuda-kobashi Bridge was near, "Yamamoto store" of cheap candy shop.

"Yamamoto store" loved by local children closed curtain in the end of May.

With parent and child who came over without knowing on seeing announcement of closure,

"It was so. It is regret."

"e, mom knowing." "chobee"

"Mom had the small messenger."

"It is the same as me."

 ※ Shop was called by nickname from the name of first Nagashi Yamamoto Hyoe.


 Look for child squirrel! The Tsukishima University dragnet.


 We discovered!

We are saved by the master of bedclothing shop and are drying with hanger now.

Please say to peach that you come back to house soon.

Then, we report.


― Shooting secret story ―

― Look for shooting secret story - child squirrel! The Tsukishima University dragnet.


"We were tired." Hot." "Walking to where." "We want to already return."

Totally 5 years old child.

Oh, we are scolded by that child when we label as 5 years old child.

Eat lunch including dessert, and feeling is recovered if become full, well of shooting assisted.

We move squirrel with thread of money and fix position of paper-cutting and.


 Thank you. Wife.