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TOKYO MarMare (Tokyo circle Male)
Fish and shellfish and wine and supurittsu

"Tokyo circle Male" is the good Mediterranean Sea dishes restaurant.

We leave Kyobashi edoguran and, on the way to Tokyo Station, are shop which we discovered through way toward the south side of Yaesu Book Center. Address of shop of 2-5-12, Yaesu, Chuo-ku pureri Yaesu building is on the first floor, and is good shop of ventilation.

It always goes along way toward the north side of book center, and it goes along Kajibashi-dori Ave., but it was not revealed, but it feels like having been called together that there is shop from slant here slightly as "sleeve signboard" of entrance such as other shops does not appear when it is what or has a feeling that it seems to have possibilities to be good.

It is shop which imaged "night cafe-terrace, Terrasse du cafe' le noir" of picture of Gogh.


Tomato flavor that bouillabaisse is gentle 
Shop is "night cafe-terrace" of Gogh wind

Tomato flavor shop that bouillabaisse is gentle is "night cafe-terrace" wind TOKYO MarMare (Tokyo circle Male) fish and shellfish of Gogh and wine and supurittsu

 From bill of fare (there is surloin steak, too) standard as for today's lunch, pasta of the week, the weekly menu,

In salad, drink station selectable in being atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea judging from the name of shop "thick bouillabaisse", today's soup, (as for rice, the bread, free to do refill) 1,100 yen (include consumption tax)

In addition, "potato salad which we poured labor and time and love into was good" and ordered this in one and had salad deliciously.

Mussels, Asari, squid, Alaska pollack were seasoned with tomato sauce kindly and had bouillabaisse deliciously.

We entered at 12:00, but it was not crowded and was able to enjoy meal slowly as ventilation was good.

(there are private rooms from six people to ten in the depths one room.)

For more information about shop, please refer to this HP.