Le chocolate do Ashe Ginza main store

We visited in May, 2019

It is shop of Hiroaki Tsujiguchi in Ginza.
There is cafe space in the depths, too,
We become able to eat ice cream.

 Le chocolate do Ashe Ginza main store

Tsujiguchi is Salon de Chocolat every year
We have you take photograph together and are very openhearted person.

As we work as correspondent of Chuo-ku, we go to Ginza Main Store for coverage this time
We had talked about this, and the staff talked in various ways, too.

As well as chocolate,
There are jelly, macaron, baked confectionery, too.
Both interior and product are chic and are stylish.

Macaroon is image street of shop, too
It is not colorful and enjoys astringent juice and does color taste (laugh)

Tsujiguchi seems to come once a month, too,
It seems to be made arrangements in back cafe.
In addition, will it peep out sometimes?

 Le chocolate do Ashe Ginza main store


It was coated macaron and chocolate called "rouge" on that day
We bought pound cake of lipstick size. (the photograph first piece left)

In addition, we found by Salon de Chocolat of 2019
Chocolate of latest nozawana & wasabi
We bought for present, but were very popular.

You can buy all in online shop.

Site of le chocolate do Ashe