[the Tsukiji settlement dishes reproduction series second] Celery sauce

Hello. Active activity is a little closed Hanes (splashes).
We did not often go out because of rain and we shot and reproduced Tsukiji settlement dishes after a long absence using time!

In the first place we say so that Takaharu Nomura "cook of Tsukiji settlement makes dishes which would be eaten based on recipe published in cooking recipes 126 of propagator madam Perry" (refreshing breeze temple bookstore, 2017) in Tsukiji settlement with "Tsukiji settlement dishes reproduction series" in title
However, we do not just cook and introduce shop of Tsukiji by raising a part of the materials with Tsukiji and are intended that we serve as attractive dispatch of Tsukiji.
(coverage at store cooks in materials to get in reserve, imminent shop in consideration of the situation of infectious disease at ※ this time.)

But, as for the builder, own way original dishes are me of master (laugh)
As we add appropriate arrangement while being conscious of cooking according to recipe, it is fortunate when you can see with warm eyes.
"[the Tsukiji settlement dishes reproduction series first] spring soup" introduces first reproduction dishes and propagator madam Perry.

Well, we cooked "celery sauce" which let you image eloquence like summer this time!

Celery sauce: Materials and how to make

・Celery six (Netherlands mitusba) * footnote: Celery
・Soup 2 go
・Cream 1 go
・Squeeze of lemon

In consideration of procurement possibility and trouble of materials, we use solid consomme chicken as soup on cooking this time.
In addition, basil is chosen to low fat milk, Harbs (several kinds of herb) in substitution for olive oil, cream (probably fresh cream) in substitution for butter by personal preference.
About powder, we use wheat flour in efficiency to make white sauce.
And we regulated quantity in the image of for one as there seemed to be indeed much six celery.

 [the Tsukiji settlement dishes reproduction series second] Celery sauce

(real quantity does not accord with materials of ※ photograph.)

■How to make
As soon as we run over dish simmered in, the celery back for celery, soup, Harbs 30 minutes and filter other articles, and powder and butter can enter and begin to do moderately. We put maeni cream and lemon juice and we heat up and provide. It is the tops to these sauce, Meleagris gallopavo, chicken.

The above!
It was easy, but was easy to arrange for own way so as to be puzzled when was used to modern polite recipe as much as there were not small instructions; ^^
As book did not have photograph of the completion, it was not revealed whether it was correct answer that became what kind of sauce, but became like this as a result that I made.

 [the Tsukiji settlement dishes reproduction series second] Celery sauce

We tried celery otsubushiuragoshio with kitchen utensil in house somehow this time, but have a hard fight very much as expected.
We recommend use of mixer if person to want to cook this sauce comes.
When we cooked minestrone, celery used well, but has not added and dairy product.
Therefore there was worry whether celery and milk insist each other, and does not become unique taste, but matches while patronizing unexpectedly each other's good points if we taste♪
Body just like white sauce was finished to sauce of new sense that there was while being good at eloquence like summer when celery and squeeze of lemon worked!

In fact, we roast chicken breast according to recommendation which there was last of how to make by progress at the same time.
There is room for improvement as for the arrangement more, but attach leaf of sauce and celery, and is completed; ^^

 [the Tsukiji settlement dishes reproduction series second] Celery sauce

We enjoyed even dishes of handmade feeling full loading and were eaten when we thought whether thing similar to this was eaten in Tsukiji settlement.
(♪ that it is easy to cut using chicken for roast chicken into pieces than ※ breast, and appearance is finished neatly)

It was digression, but we put mushrooms, turnip, leaf of celery in the celery-flavored soup which remained when we cooked sauce and made soup of vegetables and mushrooms.
Can consume thing which grew in cooking process without waste; and satisfactory ^^
It was simple and was able to make bread of staple food one meal afterward as we just prepared.

Celery (Netherlands mitusba) circumstances at the time

Instead of introducing shop of Tsukiji this time, we want to easily take up about celery circumstances of (Edo era - Meiji era) in those days.

[until celery ... spread handed down] (there are * various opinions)
The end of 16th century: In the case of the Korea dispatch of troops, Kiyomasa Kato takes Chinese seeds of celery home with him/her.
The Edo era: Dutchman brings Western seeds of celery into Nagasaki and is called Netherlands mitusba (honewort).
The early period of Meiji era: European improved variety brings Bureaus of Development.
The middle of Meiji era: Cultivation of celery for foreign ships gradually begins in the country.
After World War II: Generally, it spreads.
(reference: Meiji "vegetables dictionary serori")

 [the Tsukiji settlement dishes reproduction series second] Celery sauce

When it is thing which Dutchman brought or European improved variety, celery used at the time of from the above in Tsukiji settlement is assumed.
We have substituted in stock cube this time, but how to make of "good soup stock" is published in beginning of this recipe book.
The materials are beef previous tibia, veal, ham, butter (butter), onion, carrot, turnip without fat, Netherlands Japanese parsley (parsley), the Netherlands mitusba (celery), chili pepper, Harbs, salt, cube sugar, pepper, clove (clove), water.

In the last of the book, it is spoken for what we will right feel that I doubt saying "there are many ... ... which we would obtain how in that time and materials looking puzzled and appears".
It was not revealed how and where you obtained, but lemon remained for record that we substituted with citron, and sense of closeness was heated a little after all.

It is expected in July, August that it becomes hotter and hotter.
We sometimes get hint from cooking of Tsukiji settlement and want to keep good meal of balance not to suffer from the summer heat in mind.