Chuo-ku - July edition ... rotating with birth flower

Hello. Active activity is closed Hanes (splashes) for a while.
We founded "Chuo-ku rotating with birth flower", but new series is the situation that time seems to still suffer from in convergence of new coronavirus infectious disease from last month.
Therefore we made "cheat" on the Internet beforehand this time and performed to shorten going out time, and to look for birth flower.

After the last article writing, question "that flower drawn to book or ukiyoe print of the Edo era did not have" was heated.
Therefore we want to easily refer to flower drawn this time in the Edo era.
Then please enjoy birth flower of this month with flower and flower language that you filmed in Chuo-ku♪
(shooting: for from 4 to 5 on July in 2020 only as for (Tradescantia reflexa and the Hypericum chinense on June 14, 2020))

[premise of this series]
・Birth flower and the flower language assigned for 365 days have variation. In this series, we refer to birth flower, flower language published in "birth flower, flower language of 365 days" of Hibiya Kadan.
・Even whom just aims at introduction of flower to be able to enjoy freely. Therefore, we are not intended about flower seen in garden of ordinary household, paid garden, event, flower shop for a limited time.
・As it becomes introduction in range that writer found, more birth flowers may be actually seen.

Looking for 31 kinds of birth flowers of July

We introduce birth flower which as a result of avoiding dense o from here, and having taken a walk, we were able to find.
Among 31 kinds of birth flowers, were you able to find several kinds?
Please enjoy while expecting the neighborhood♪

July 1: Begonia (red) (flower language "important memory")
@ Tsukuda Park
It is Tsukuda Park that saw red begonia by this walk alone.
In the park, pink and white begonia were planted and accomplished beautiful gradation.
In addition, pink begonia is put on street planter of the neighborhood of COREDO Muromachi terrace in secret and seems to have possibilities to be found at unexpected place.
As there was designation of color with the same flower when it became birth flower, we underestimated the point!

 Chuo-ku - July edition ... rotating with birth flower

July 3: Rose (pink) (flower language "impression")
@ Tsukuda Park et al.
From Tsukuda Park which we could enjoy pink rose in several places in ward, but type had abundant this time.
Kind "mellowness" that we went in lower photograph, and the left side was used in perfume of SHISEIDO.
"California dorimingu" where the lower right was announced for fan of "princess do Monaco" "princess do Monaco" where top right corner was given to Queen of Principality of Monaco late Grace Kelly.
We were able to usually spend an elegant time among roses not to see on street.

 Chuo-ku - July edition ... rotating with birth flower

July 5: Anthurium (flower language "passion")
@ Harumi Island Triton Square et al.
Anxiety that sign grieves at remains, but probably is anthurium!
There was potted plant in a certain pigeon dental clinic in ward.
It is ^^ in feeling that the rainy season is over as tropical American origin, and summer came
Flower language called "passion" was right studied because this good red part was kind of leaf peculiar to taro department called spathe (not to obtain to hit).

 Chuo-ku - July edition ... rotating with birth flower

July 13: Madagascar periwinkle (flower language "optimistic memory")
@ Harumi Island Triton Square
In triton square, Madagascar periwinkle reaches the best time to see.
We seem to be able to enjoy for a while to strongly have a heated for summer heat newly every day.

 Chuo-ku - July edition ... rotating with birth flower

July 16: Spiderwort (flower language "respect")
@ Horidome Children's Park (adjacent plant area)
We had a hard time looking for spiderwort to see one after another in Chuo-ku in hometown.
Tradescantia reflexa is put on Harumi Island Triton Square, but common spiderwort is not readily found.
After going round parks being conscious of place where wild grass seems to be easy to grow, we discover in Horidome Children's Park miraculously!
^^ which we found in birth flower of this month and we had been the gladdest and did to image of the top

 Chuo-ku - July edition ... rotating with birth flower

July 21: Morning glory (flower language "light love")
@ The neighborhood of Expressway Inner Circular Route Kyobashi entrance others
In the days of primary schoolchild, person who has kept observation diary of morning glory in summer vacation may come.
It is morning glory which is familiar with such us, but great writer Toson Shimazaki with connection writes down in Chuo-ku about morning glory in "autumn flowers" in this way.

"It was equal every day that there was not in 30 degrees or more urban air which it heated even if there was at night. I learned retirement of ancient people but it was nothing, and stood in * gogatamenowazakurekara, small alley in front of house by bamboo of 14 approximately five in somehow this shoku and bound approximately three ken of fences together and planted there morning glory."

(you push ▼ by all means, and look at the following page.)

Then we want to sail up the times a little here.
Morning glories of saffron said to that it is the oldest drawn in 1692 (Genroku 5) are seen in Shigekata Kano image "somokushaseiharuakikorekan" of National Diet Library storehouse (in the Meiryaku era 3 (1657) - Genroku era 12 (1699) manuscript 4 axes autumn lower/link top number 11-13).
(Shigekata Kano:/reference article (PDF) unknown on career, the life year of a person's death)

Afterwards, morning glory boom comes twice with the Koka era late in life - Bunkyu early years in - civil administration early years in culture late in life!
Many the second booms of "change morning glory" is described in manhanaenshujinsen, Sessai Hattori image "chokaosanjurokuhanasen" of National Diet Library storehouse (Kaei era 7 (1854)).
Morning glory of various colors and forms pleases eye of Japanese people as summer feature for more than 300 years.

 Chuo-ku - July edition ... rotating with birth flower

July 22: Stewartia pseudo-camellia (flower language "dignity")
@ Sumida River Tsukishima city park
Hiba arborvitae of senior correspondent bloomed on "pretty Stewartia pseudo-camellia once-in-a-lifetime chance" (May 29, 2018), and it reported the beginning before.
However, bud is all still in a state this year as of July 5.
Flowering time of this year may be later than usual, but will be vain white thing having a heated by around July 22.

July 27: Ground cherry (flower language "smile")
@ Horidome Children's Park (adjacent plant area)
It is one of the flowers which had a hard fight to look for this.
"Nihonbashi Bridge" Ground cherry (ground cherry) comes up of this in the beginning of "fukeizu" (onnakeizu) of Kyoka Izumi who is famous for author.
In this way, it is also tasteful to appreciate seasonal flower in conjunction with work of well-known novelist, and new discovery is possible♪

(ground cherry comes out toward the first line last when we have you push some ▼.)

July 28: Gloriosa (flower language "glory")
@ Horidome Children's Park (adjacent plant area)
Resemble lily, and this quite individual flower.
We were beginning to give up saying "there is not gloriosa even if lily is in Chuo-ku", but also discover miraculously!
As "gloriosa" and label written stuck in soil with potted thing that local all of you are cared for neatly, it must be♪

 Chuo-ku - July edition ... rotating with birth flower

July 31: Hypericum chinense (flower language "dignity")
@ Sumida River terrace and others
The last of this month is Hypericum chinense.
We reached the best time to see on Sumida River terrace from around the middle of June!

 Chuo-ku - July edition ... rotating with birth flower

And we were not able to find this time, but record planted to "Chuo-dori rihana way tile version" in May, 2018 remains in "impatience (flower language "bright person") and is one of flower thinking that we come to be seen again soon July 11".


We were able to find 10 of 31 kinds of birth flowers of July this time.
Secondary to the last time, at least a one-third cannot cover surprise in being seen in Chuo-ku!
Past, downtown area Tom of senior correspondent "is healed in "magnificent city Chuo-ku" by flower, and, in "town of flower "Chuo-ku", Kozaru walks." Chuo-ku establishes "magnificent city Chuo-ku declaration" as they introduced in this.
We were able to know we put up ward, and how flower and green aimed at rich town planning from experience.

We repeated intelligence and arrived with pliers top on the second day without degree of difficulty being finished remarkably from last month this time, and being able to all find on the first day.
It was wide, but can enjoy unexpectedly many flowers from thing seen in the whole area in ward to restrictive thing seen only at specific place♪
Person "that we did not mind plant of downtown very much!" is happy until now whether, taking this occasion, there is not your birth flower in Chuo-ku if you can be interested in biological diversity.

Finally, we send scene from Hakozaki Park.

 Chuo-ku - July edition ... rotating with birth flower

Without certain flower getting information that there is, and having come, but thing which unfortunately wants being found.
On the other hand, we came across statue of Shouin Yoshida who practiced "new lifestyle".
Seemingly it is common white mask, but is Kaai itarepandano mask when we see well.
We were caught in the rain on the way, but were holiday when we had interesting discovery.