Silver ornament

Consideration Star Festival decoration which is connected by Ozu Japanese paper Japanese paper

 Letter which the present situation was written down in in holograph with fountain pen reached letter paper of Japanese paper from person who was taken care of in old days.

We reflected recently as we ceased to write letter with fountain pen while thinking by the spread of PCs very much.

And we went for shopping as Japanese paper was "Ozu Japanese paper".

After purchasing letter paper and envelope of Japanese paper, wet seat of sanitization, we had delicious tea on the second floor.

When we were going to appear incidentally, we display bamboo bamboo grass in doorway, and people who came write wish to strip of paper. It grew. As product in shop had shooting as prohibiting, we got permission and photographed this. Wish is written so that all of you reach the sky, and how?

Postscript: As for the leaf of Kaji, "tapa" is leaf of plant of moraceous plant. If asking is three-pronged, it is paper stock together.

These trees are planted at entrance of the entrance. When flower of hibiscus of role to tie fiber of Japanese paper blooms, we are beautiful.



Handmade "black-and-white paper strings we chew decoration"

Handmade consideration Star Festival decoration which "chews black-and-white paper strings, and displays", and is connected by Ozu Japanese paper Japanese paper

In the neighbor, is homemade; "chewed black-and-white paper strings, and decoration" was sold with vending machine. Pretty hair ornament is recommended.

Shop is like closure on Sunday for New Year holidays. For details, please confirm here.

"Ozu historical materials building" "Chuo-ku wait corner pavilion"

Ozu museum on the third floor is authorized, and we display, and it is released historical materials of ancient documents which received registration as citizen of Chuo-ku, Tokyo tangible cultural property to on "Chuo-ku town corner pavilion". It is my recommendation.