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"Newbie" It is consideration extra in ten years ①
  ... Yanagibashi Bridge ...

It is rosemary sea collecting data on to o Fanta stick which "gift and oneself enjoy".


"Newbie" and "Ningyocho ten years assume extra of consideration" series, and is not "Ningyocho", but focus on "Yanagibashi Bridge" (Yanagibashi) of Higashinihombashi that is closer than Ningyocho, and want to guide this time.

Yanagibashi Bridge of June 9 publication "newbie" and "Ningyocho ten years enter Bridge of novel and 12 written to key of case and calendar that it is in movie "time when curtain of prayer goes down" as explained in consideration ⑨".

We speak including some corrections at the time of explanation later in the last time.

Then many aspects explain "Yanagibashi Bridge" first.


Chuo-ku explanation board

It is consideration extra ① in Chuo-ku explanation board "newbie" ten years
  ... Yanagibashi Bridge ...

Yanagibashi Bridge

Kanda River flowing through bottom of Yanagibashi Bridge assumes Inokashira, Mitaka-shi Pond water source and is city river of 25km in total length to drift to the downtown area, and to flow into Sumida River.

It was about 1698 (Genroku 11) that bridge was built over this position for the first time and was called "Kurahashi of arrow" because storehouse of arrow of the Shogunate was in "kawakuchidekuchikorekyo" or neighborhood.

About origin of "Yanagibashi Bridge,"

(1) Kurahashi of arrow becomes yakorejo (come) bridge and further becomes Yanagibashi Bridge.

(2) We come from thing after Yanagihara bank.

(3) We come from that there was tree of willow to sleeve of bridge.

There is statement in this way, but true theory is unclear.

After the Meiji Restoration, Yanagibashi Bridge became place that represented Tokyo as entertainment district (is) with Shimbashi, and people, Yanagibashi Bridge that Shimbashi appeared from each feudal clan, and it was to government official of the government seem to have been places where people such as merchant since Edo and old direct feudatory of a shogun gathered.

We restored damaged main pillar to tell in history, and railing decorated "ornamental hairpin" for entertainment district and we put granite on the sidewalk and regenerated this bridge which we made elegant form in ward in 1991.

In addition, we directed lighting from dusk and let you have presence of "Yanagibashi Bridge" which appeared in the Kanda River river mouth.


Specifications of bridge

Format    Tide arched bridge

Mayor of bridge    37.9m

Effective width 11.0m (road 6.0m, the sidewalk 2.5m X 2)

Construction annual December, 1929 (Showa 4)


Yanagibashi Bridge which spring night and woman turn back toward

Both enjoying the cool air and Yanagibashi Bridge of deluxe person are Shiki Masaoka


Chuo-ku Board of Education explanation board

It is consideration extra ① in Chuo-ku Board of Education explanation board "newbie" ten years
  ... Yanagibashi Bridge ...

Yanagibashi Bridge

Location 2, Higashinihonbashi, Chuo-ku

    1, Yanagibashi, Taitou-ku

    (Kanda River)

Yanagibashi Bridge is the first bridge located in the river mouth part where Kanda River flows into Sumida River.

We passed away, and ferryboat caused with lower Yanagihara companion town (Chuo-ku) and shitaheiishimigieimoncho (Taito-ku) of the opposite bank at the time of at middle part of the Edo era in the origin, but as it was inconvenient, we applied for bridging and were allowed Minamicho city magistrate's office in 1697 (Genroku 10) and were completed for 11 years, the following day.

Yanagibashi Bridge around that time has many boat rental houses of boating visitor of Sumida River,

   We throw futon (futon), and it is crowded to Yanagibashi Bridge river

It was such bustle seen in senryu in this.

It became steel bridge in 1887 (Meiji 20), and the Yanagibashi Bridge has fallen by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 (Taisho 12).

We are doing invention that the revival station thinks about convenience of return to port of boatman to the first bridge of the mouth of branch part and changes each design.

Yanagibashi Bridge adopted design of Eitai Bridge (eitaibashi) in consultation with bridge of Germany line river and was completed in 1929 (Showa 4).

Revival bridge decreases in ward and maintains Yanagibashi Bridge as engineering works inheritance of valuable modern times in 1991 (Heisei 3), and we are registered with inhabitant of a ward tangible cultural property now for (1998) for 11 years for 70 rest of life (2002 written this explanation board) by completion.


Explanation board derived from Taito-ku old name of a street
Former Asakusa Yanagibashi Bridge (asakusayanagibashi)

Explanation board derived from Taito-ku old name of a street
It is consideration extra ① in former Asakusa Yanagibashi Bridge (asakusayanagibashi) "newbie" ten years
  ... Yanagibashi Bridge ...

Some towns were unified, and Asakusa Yanagibashi Bridge was born in 1934 (Showa 9).

Though there was bridge on the pretence of "Yanagibashi Bridge" near the Sumida River junction of Kanda River, origin of name of a street was associated.

The name of Yanagibashi Bridge was well known to people as entertainment district since it was in the middle of the Edo era and boat rental houses formed a line in the bank of bridge and did well.

A lot of hitokoroha, restaurant and geisha people were proud of the prosperity, too.

"Yanagibashi Bridge" was built for the first time in 1698 (Genroku 11).

Kanda River Okawa (okawa: another name of Sumida River. Because there was, it was called kawakuchidekuchikorekyo (in Kawaguchi chopsticks of Sciaena albiflora), but was called Yanagibashi Bridge by place that Sumida River more downstream than bridge, Azumabashi [azumabashi] that connected 2, Kaminarimon, Taitou-ku was called 1, Azumabashi, Sumida-ku than Chuo-ku basin of upper reaches in this way in the Edo era, and flowed into) gradually at that time because willow was planted in the bank of bridge.

Current bridge is bridge of rose format with thing built in 1929 (Showa 4).


Taito-ku Board of Education explanation board

It is consideration extra ① in Taito-ku Board of Education explanation board "newbie" ten years
  ... Yanagibashi Bridge ...

1-1-1, Yanagibashi, Taitou-ku

This bridge was built over place where Kanda River flowed into Sumida River in 1698 (Genroku 11) and was called "bridge of Kawaguchi exit" first.

For there having been storehouse of arrow of the Shogunate near, it is said that we called with Kurahashi, yakorejokyo of arrow.

Yanagibashi Bridge seems to be name from the Kyoho era.

In origin of the name of bridge,

 ○ There is after Yanagihara bank

 ○ We transferred yakorejo to character of willow

 ○ We are associated with willow of by a bridge (kyohan: Bridge keep)

There is nado statement.

It was 1887 (Meiji 20) that it was changed on iron bridge, and current bridge was completed in 1929 (Showa 4).

Boat rental houses formed a line, and, in the Edo era, by a bridge did well.

The name is known as gay quarters (karyukai), and, after the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji era, many writers, artists doing calligraphy (bokkaku, bokkyaku: calligrapher and painter) take up Yanagibashi Bridge in subject.

In addition, Yanagibashi Bridge comes up for rakugo well, and "ship virtue" (we dissolve crucian carp) is story (story) that we did on the stage of this ground.

[people related to Yanagibashi Bridge]

● Ryuhoku Narushima (narushimaryuhoku)


The Edo Shogunate, general lecturer in the Imperial Household of the late Tokugawa period, the depths scholar of Confucianism, literary person, journalist of the Meiji era.

Kuramae birth. We wrote collection of essays "Yanagibashi Bridge new geographical description" (ryukyoshinshi).

● Kiyochika Kobayashi (kobayashikiyochika)


Ukiyoe artist of the Meiji era.

We described scene around the Yanagibashi Bridge of the past in "former Yanagibashi Bridge two countries background".

● Shiki Masaoka (we proclaim whether it is Masao)


Haiku poet, poet of the Meiji era.

In collection of haiku "kansanrakumoku,"

Yanagibashi Bridge which spring night and woman turn back toward

We wrote this.

● Toson Shimazaki (loss that Shimazaki asks)


Poet, novelist.

We live at current Yanagibashi Bridge 1, and we announce "() in Shinkatamachi", and scene is writing Yanagibashi Bridge neighborhood for period in novel "silence" essay about Yanagibashi Bridge wealthily in the Taisho era.

In addition, we announced works such as "house" at the time of Yanagibashi Bridge residence in "spring" of masterpiece.

 "Shinkatamachi" (shinkatamachi) is old name of a street of Yanagibashi Bridge.

In addition, we were able to confirm "Shinkatamachi news" from "Shinkatamachi", but were not able to confirm in "Shinkatamachi".

● Shotaro Ikenami (good ordinary Shotaro)



We take up Yanagibashi Bridge neighborhood with works such as period novel "fencer business" (kenkakushobai).


 "Newbie" It is consideration extra ① in ten years
  ... Yanagibashi Bridge ...

Is relief (relief) of "ornamental hairpin" displayed on railing of bridge how many for entertainment district as written to "Chuo-ku explanation board"?

It will be "ball ornamental hairpin". We photographed the ball, red thing of so-called jewel moiety, but here was to blue thing.


The two countries where Yanagibashi Bridge was ever the best entertainment district in Edo were nearby and they were ferries to the Yoshiwara area.

And it was atmospheric place where was lined with restaurant or boat rental houses as here Yanagibashi Bridge itself was town of geisha at all.

Atmospheres were enough, but geisha association has been dissolved now approximately 20 years ago as piers of pleasure boat which formed a line on both sides of river formed a line.


 "Newbie" It is consideration extra ① in ten years
  ... Yanagibashi Bridge ...

This angle is the same as cover of book as we introduced in "Chuo-ku ... that newbie and Ningyocho ten years are drawn on consideration ⑨- book cover" of June 9 when "curtain of prayer goes down" novel.

In 12 bridges written to calendar which became the key to case, "Yanagibashi Bridge" appeared to January with novel was one of "time when curtain of prayer went down".

Movie is changed to May in "time when curtain of prayer goes down".

(we have explained this by article of June 9 by mistake with "novel = May". I'm sorry, we correct.)

Then why has the order of bridges changed by novel and movie?

It is guess of rozumari from here. Probably think to be correct answer, but ...


Bridge to appear in climax becomes "Saemon Bridge" (saemombashi) with novel in 12 bridges.

By movie "Yanagibashi Bridge."

"Saemon Bridge come to ward world Bakurocho, Yokoyamacho of three wards!" article of silver ornament of June 4 But "Saemon Bridge" is built on three wards of Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Taito-ku as there was explanation.

In other words, it is problem of permission.

And bridge where I am sorry when we say in this way, but "Saemon Bridge" is quiet to do to picture.

In that respect, as for "the Yanagibashi Bridge", dark green form is beautiful, and there are the many appearance scenes in other movies, TV dramas.

Are there "first rank" and difference of "third class" when we compare to actress?

Casting change seems to be the proper course.


 "Newbie" It is consideration extra ① in ten years
  ... Yanagibashi Bridge ...

At this time, we also show Edo classical storytelling. It became the seventh.

It is Chuo-ku are introduced here. with story "ship virtue" (we dissolve crucian carp) that assumed here the stage as to Taito-ku Board of Education explanation board.


At first, it is ... from background of "ship virtue"

Yanagibashi Bridge was ferry to the Yoshiwara area close to Ryogoku that was the best entertainment district in Edo once.

In addition, Yanagibashi Bridge itself developed as town of geisha, too.

Restaurant and boat rental houses stand in a row, was place full of atmosphere very much.

The feature is in pier of pleasure boat jostling on both sides of river, but association of geisha is dissolved now approximately 20 years ago.

We think that everybody remembers current big "pleasure boat" when it is called ship, but, as for the ship which will appear in this story, two can usually get on boat, visitor called "skiff" (roofless ship which had a sharp point like tusk of wild boar into long pieces chokibune).

Ship that seaway is fast, but it is difficult to row to amateur as it considerably shakes a little.

Even if sail up about 3km, river from boat rental house of Yanagibashi Bridge to Yamaya moat (sanyabori) of Yoshiwara entrance, is not such distance, but ...


Then it is ...


 "Newbie" It is consideration extra ① in ten years
  ... Yanagibashi Bridge ...

"Ship virtue"


Hobby is over and is disowned and says that we want to become son of a wealthy man, Tokube, boatman using boat rental house of Yanagibashi Bridge.

Boss "is used to to boatman with son of a wealthy man, delicate body, and do not do.

As for the pole (pole), oar (ro) heals March and gen for three years.

Can you bear?"

"Of course."

Agreement is provided from boatmen, and boss recognizes that, too.

Then will be called "virtue", joining a group of boatman.


In a certain summer hot day, boatman being all out, and Toku starting ship.

For unsteady handling to shake that ship shakes,

"Is the youth all right visitor?"

Virtue was all right, and "it has failed one visitor last time.", but

Then we go around the same place three times and almost hit stone wall and.

Virtue, "please hit visitor, stone wall with umbrella."

"Umbrella has stuck in stone wall." visitor

"We can never come there back anymore, and virtue, please give up umbrella."


The disposal that tiring Toku, sweat get into eyes and say, "please avoid visitor if ship comes for some time."

In having it runs onto shallows at last, and visitor go down.

Toward guttarino Toku,

"What happened the youth" visitor

"Boatman alone employee give virtue if we go on visitor, bank."


Yanagibashi Bridge

It is consideration extra ① in Yanagibashi Bridge "newbie" ten years
  ... Yanagibashi Bridge ...

2-28, Higashinihonbashi frontage

Bridge which links 1, Yanagibashi, Taitou-ku to 2, Higashinihonbashi, Chuo-ku.