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Alley of Ginza: Alley in building

Alley to go through in building is frequent in alley of Ginza

In one, the east side, GINZA CORE (GINZA CORE) of 5, Ginza Ginza Street (Chuo-dori Ave.) "GINZA ALLEY"

Alley where this was named goes through from Ginza Street to Azuma-dori St.

Indication of GINZA ALLEY is published at entrance from Ginza Street between store facing the street,

Slightly large alley goes.

 Alley of Ginza: Alley in building

And when go ahead through alley, is shop of sweets shop before long on the left side

"Wakamatsu" appears. By 1894 founding, it is anmitsu

It is famous as shop of origin.

In the depths, it is long-established store of Japanese confectionery of founding in Kyoto

"Ten thousand age temples" follow.

Famous confection such as design "Mede sugar" as sekihan-like wedding cake forms a line.

8, Ginza "third soiree Deville"

Alley of 8, Ginza "third soiree Deville" Ginza: Alley in building

"Third soiree Deville" (8-8-7, Ginza) is in the 8, Ginza Ginza Street west, Tanaka and ASICS of glasses

Between shop of ranuokuginza, there is alley to go through from Ginza Street to Konparu-dori St.

 Alley of Ginza: Alley in building

In the middle of this alley, it is slightly large space of elevator hall

But, there is.  Of Tetsushi Okamoto writing if if "walk Ginza", stop by,

In this, resident who looked good in alley of townsfolk's quarter in the Edo era is public

It is said that it falls on space where well, rest room was placed in.

8, Ginza "water tower building"

Alley of 8, Ginza "water tower building" Ginza: Alley in building

At "water tower building" of 8, Ginza (8-6-21, Ginza), it is gone through to Kenban-dori St. by Namiki-dori St.

There is building garden outside a ceremonial tearoom playing.

Originally there is process that makes use of alley which there was on this ground, and built building.



 Alley of Ginza: Alley in building

In building where high-quality club enters from Namiki-dori St.

Fountain is seen of this along passage right wall.