Summer is curry ★It is lunch in south India dishes Arne gong dining Ginza

In Ginza, Ginza Mitsukoshi opens today from (May 30),
Alcohol disinfection, entrance and exit be distributed at entrance, too,
Monitor of thermography that temperature of visitor understood instantly was installed.

But it is lion of entrance that was the most interesting!
Though lion itself does scary face,
What with Mitsukoshi logo mark masked was cute and laughed (laugh)


 Summer is curry ★It is lunch in south India dishes Arne gong dining Ginza

And today's lunch to Arne gong dining Ginza of the south India dishes!
This shop opened while there were many shops closed still more!

Speaking of the south India dishes, dishes of crepe called dosa are famous,
As I liked this very much, I took dosasetto (in the photograph left).

chizudosa where cheese contains selectable dosa inside.
dosa of potato called masaradosa is delicious, too.

Nicotine meals that Arne gong is at the last as for this luxurious menu (photograph bottom).
There is 4.5 kinds of curry and says nicotine which is at the last with chicken midmost
Something like dry curry is piled in large quantities.

People in shop put lemon earlier,
He/she comes to be delicious, and to explain that we hang this and eat.

After all, it is curry in the summer★
The south India dishes seem to become addicted.

The second floor of pull Mie Building along 1, Ginza Sakura-dori St.
It is very close to Cozy Corner.

Site of the south India dishes Arne gong dining