With "the Edo city"

We take a short break and want to speak story of "Nihonbashi Bridge fish market" this time about "the Edo city". We remember that there was or it is "head on a spike expression called "mouse boy disturbing the Edo city" after (Edo) city guidance" recently historical drama was not broadcasted on TV either. We were asked by period novel and historical dramas such as Shotaro Ikenami or Yasuhide Saeki well, but have hardly seen expression called "the Edo city" in-related book in the Edo era when I read. Would such words be used in the Edo era?

We obtain book called "picture book manners and customs traffic in Edo prefecture" (written by Kiichiro Kikuchi, green frog selected books 9, August, 1965) and introduce as there was there explanation about "the Edo city". This book is recreation of thing published in December, 1905 by Toyo temple. Author introduces thing which we observed by birth of last years of Edo era by oneself after Tenpo in sentence with soe. As we had already exceeded 70 years old at the time of writing, we would spend the first half of the life as general public of Edo.

P.184 includes the writings about "the Edo city". Expression unlike living language edites:

The center in the Edo city is Edo-jo Castle. We name within outer moat outer wall in within Edo-jo Castle inner moat under the pretense of inner gay quarters. It is said with downtown area in of Shimbashi, and, in several orders (one order = 109m) every direction, the east, in the two countries river, the west, in outer moat, the north, sprain Bridge, Kanda River, the south are enough than Nihonbashi Bridge which do anything other than outer wall all-out, and say the city, and is enough, and is Nihonbashi Bridge in the center in the city, is hilly section and sho collar in ... ...

Is hilly section on the outskirts of the town?

Is hilly section on the outskirts of the town? With "the Edo city"

We say "the Edo city" anything other than outer wall and say several orders every direction mainly on Nihonbashi Bridge any place other than that under the pretense of downtown area that it is on the outskirts of the town. Hilly section enters this outside of the business district, but, judging from sense of modern people, cannot really understand. Judging from sense of general public called Kiichiro Kikuchi, "the Edo city" becomes part which is narrower than inside seal of red line.

Dictum about "the Edo city" was not provided at all from the Shogunate until Shogunate expression of the eye, Makino assistant Court Security Office gave inquiry about "gofunaigaikyokinkoregi" requesting decision of city limits in 1818 (Bunsei 1). We received that, and opinion of the Shogunate was shown by member of the Shogun's Council of Elders Tadashi Abe spirit in December of the year. Official opinion seems to have been "red line".

By the way, it is written "mew several in blog of Chuo-ku Tourism Association in title called "Edoite" I" with "CAM" since 2017. How about person who is interested if we refer by all means? We memorize as written that we want to move soon toward Osaka born as CAM in particular is from Kansai, but will be concerned with Chuo-ku now as he/she seems to be writing blog in this March. We will expect interesting blog in future.