Small Edo Itabashi

Kawamoto three sisters "will wash hand with all, soap!"


The sun "I am Johnny's."

"Peach has light to pico Taro"

"Peach does peach in nto, wish tortoises!"

Three is sister;, with "soap, is Wash Hands. Bubble bubble bubble."


Illustration which Kawamoto sanchino three sisters put soap, and washes hand.

It is pleasant people of-cho in March to watch growth of lonely boy "Kiriyama zero" playing an active part in "lion of March" of feather Umino Chika as professional shogi player.

Children to see illustration beat soap well, and they wash hand not to be defeated by peach.


"Feather Umino knew strenuous efforts of healthcare worker who worked on infectious disease measures, and illustration of soap hand-washing for the prevention was drawn.

 Warm feeling that nobody knew made and informed whether it had no difficulty in Shiroizumi Corporation editing General Administration Division on blog. And we were able to go ahead as use for infectious disease measures."


 Kawamoto three sisters "will wash hand with all, soap!"


Well, it is radio interlocking movement blog with central FM 84.0 "favorite Chuo-ku" this time.

Thursday, May 21 airing.

To jumi of personality "place that want to go next"

Animation that Chuo-ku becomes the main stage wants to take a walk through Tsukishima, Tsukuda area in conjunction with "lion of March".

Though "fault, small Edo Itabashi did not have image called animation."

No, in fact, "lion of March" prepares the whole volume along with me, "slam dunk".

We started rearranging splitting of information and book that it was on mountain at this time when time to spend in house increased and have read again by the force again.

Become character completely, and, backed by scenery same as cover of book, pose while taking a walk through Tsukishima, and how.


 Kawamoto three sisters "will wash hand with all, soap!"


Kawamoto 2, Somai (kawamotosomeji) is grandfather of three sisters.

In Japanese confectionery craftsmen, we run kakoshi "crescent moon temple".

Photograph is well-established "Tenan" of foods boiled in soy at 1, Tsukuda.

We have appearance of the store and crescent moon temple coming at the same time.

We want to put kelp or small girl on freshly cooked rice.


 Kawamoto three sisters "will wash hand with all, soap!"


2 top of the scene that is used when we express feelings to shake intensely of Kiriyama zero is Chuo-ohashi Bridge and the soul bank island automatic tide-gage station, water measure traces in Shinkawa.

Bridge pile which attacks the sky. Cable which howls for storm. Futuristic geometry model.

It is strong sacred place, but gets daringly this time.


It is Sumiyoshi Water Gate that wants to pay attention.

There is this water gate at point where Tsukuda moat to drift to by Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine joins Sumida River.

Tsukuda moat flowed between Tsukuda Island and Ishikawajima built by landfill in the Edo era.

Red of prop of water gate brings about railing painted in red of red torii and Tsukuda-kobashi Bridge of Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine and resonance of color.

At this water gate, peach finds doll of yellow duck.


 Kawamoto three sisters "will wash hand with all, soap!"


Duck flows through Sumida River when to the lower part of a river.

There are light older sister and Kiriyama and three people and will catch up with you.


 Kawamoto three sisters "will wash hand with all, soap!"


We do not see duck after all toward the river mouth.

"Duck. Duck of peach!"


Oh, was yellow all right for color of duck?

We might just take duck for yellow without permission.

As book was not color.


 Kawamoto three sisters "will wash hand with all, soap!"


Kiriyama presents duck to large peach which cried.

As having found out aniru which totally drifted to the river mouth of Sumida River.


 After all, duck just be good with yellow.

 The person is duck-like.


 Kawamoto three sisters "will wash hand with all, soap!"


Duck plays in bath of house.

Time when peach was contented.

 But child is scared.

Own once; when is a success, interest of peach moves to squirrel pocket teacher of character of TV quickly.


 Kawamoto three sisters "will wash hand with all, soap!"


Kiriyama lives in apartment of town called town in June.

Model seems to be near the Takabashi Bridge of Shinkawa.

Why would he choose house as Chuo-ku?

Kiriyama who says that we like river.


"Calming down strangely

 When is small; in town among rivers

 It may be result that lived

 Though we remember whether you float ..."


The town where scenery breathes of waterside that is rich in city.

People of the Kawamotos live if we cross Chuo-ohashi Bridge and meet easily.

There is place to stay relied on where heart is enriched.


 Kawamoto three sisters "will wash hand with all, soap!"


In front of cheap candy person that children gather.

Place with ease to be able to reveal the real self relievedly.

Kawamoto sanchino sisters grasped small change, too and would come for shopping.

Cheerful voice of child sounds through Tsukishima, Tsukuda.

Do not forget soap hand-washing if you go home boys.

 (when cherry blossoms bloomed, we took photograph.)



It was before a little, but went to shogi hall of Sendagaya.

We stopped at much-talked-about power spot, pigeon forest Yahata Shrine with the foot.

It would be taking picture of TV. Zenji Hanyu sat down to kagura hall.

Person whom there was around swells to a celebrity.

But, I murmured that it was saying "it is Kiriyama zero.".

Add Yoshiharu Habu and Sota Fujii, and divide by 2; and ...

Excellent attack more than animation.

Were you able to expect Manabu Senzaki 9-dan, achievement of Sota Fujii that did the shogi supervision?