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Fishery products of Tsukiji Outer Market season are advantageous; quality the skill of Tsukiji, the skill old

 We began shopping in Tsukijiuogashi Odawarabashitou at 14:00 before going to the dentist on May 15.

Close of the work truth close noo shops were often found, and there were many shops where we put away products.

"There is fortune to the leftovers"!

Cod roe clockwise raw from the photograph left top, fresh clams, Spanish mackerel two slices spring in fish, swordfish fillet two pieces.

Spanish mackerel had seasonal thing with foods grilled with salt deliciously. We had swordfish with sashimi deliciously as always.

If boiled and seasoned fish or vegetable is good, to have advice, and to boil hard with daikon if we ask a question how straight cod roe cooks.

Clam was thinking about sabatsu kioto for a night.


Fresh clam and getting out sand finished

Fishery products of getting out sand finished Tsukiji Outer Market season are advantageous fresh clam properly; quality the skill of Tsukiji, the skill old

 It was pattern that we sucked clam, and got, but used for pasta today.

If we entered original dishes restaurant of hilly section before and ordered clam steamed with sake-style thing, black sand remained and felt unpleasant at all. We tried getting out sand this time for a night, but getting out sand was made, and sand hardly came out anymore. As is expected, it is quality of Tsukiji. We admired with the skill of Tsukiji, "the skill old".

 Seasoning made aryo oryo + vongole style. 

After having fried olive oil, garlic, we take out and put clam and we close the cap and heat up for approximately three minutes. It mixed with boiled pasta and added green broccoli to color, and pasta delicious at all was completed. bonaa pe Tito!

 As of the middle of May, in the over-the-counter market, enough sociological distance, Social distance are kept. Please buy fresh fishery products when you are in the neighborhood.



As for access to Tsukiji Outer Market, the confirmation of holiday, please see this