Silver ornament

There is wholesale district of Yokoyamacho in shop retailing

We strolled in Nihonbashibakurocho, wholesale district of Yokoyamacho from Asakusabashi Bridge.

As for Toiya, general person has many shops not to sell, but there is shop welcoming among them.

We entered bag specialty store which had me who was glued to wonderful bag in front of shop call out casually today.

 In shop, eyes moved to many pretty bags, stylish bag, but purchased bag which, after all, we fell in love with at first sight. As we had you admit taking picture of product in shop, we serve as a next reference.


Bag which is very popular with granddaughters

There is wholesale district of bag Yokoyamacho that is very popular with granddaughters in shop retailing

Bag that what we were fascinated by designed foot which woman strode along in red heel. Grandchild was delight.


Scarf, belt in the spring and summer are very inexpensive, too

There is shop doing wholesale district retail of Yokoyamacho very at reduced prices in scarf, belt in the spring and summer

 In the next shop, we looked for scarf which we could wear when some throats felt coolly even in the spring and summer.

When we thought that we could use for pocket handkerchief and were looking, brain has been stimulated.

We purchased two pieces of scarves of silk, and spares of pocket handkerchief increased after all.

In wholesale district here, price has many things which we can purchase for several thousand yen from one coin degree.

We want to purchase hat for summer next time to TPO.


Formal HP of Yokoyamacho mall is this

 If going out self-restraint request is canceled, please enjoy Nihonbashibakurocho, shopping in Yokoyamacho.

Traffic is very convenient at Bakurocho Station of JR Sobu Line, Higashi-Nihombashi Station of Toei Asakusa Line, Bakuro-Yokoyama Station of Toei Shinjuku Line. There is Yagenbori Fudoin Temple near, too, and a lot of restaurants are recommended to walk, too. 

As for traffic and the information for shop, please see formal HP of Yokoyamacho mall.