[product of Chuo-ku] Choice of skin care!
"nachuriehatomugi lotion"

Hello, everybody. While we stayed in house, season rotated, and it was early summer.

Sunlight is strengthened still more, too, but skin is affected by ultraviolet ray from now on even if in the room. Recently we are worried about skin roughness by friction and drying because we wear a mask all the time. While stress full na days continue, mind and body - - which wants to be healthy as for the skin together.

Therefore we featured the theme of usable skin care every day both children and adults this time in whole family.


That item is cosmetic of Chuo-ku, too

Category such as "beauty, health" is not in this blog, but there are much health care, shop and company of beauty care in Chuo-ku.

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Near the Mihara Bridge intersection, immie (immie /Imju Corporation) of 4, Ginza are sales companies of beauty product. Personally, we enter PIAS GINZA at area which feels like being still called "hit of Ginza Sine pathos". We are faced with Harumi-dori Ave. and are impressive building representing curve so that facade is twisted.

"Petit, even as for the person who was too unconcerned about cosmetics, the toiu word might have heard I". Person obtaining, and getting the depths lid, and turning, and being brand name of make article, but doing to patchiritoshita double eyelid that is released with "eye petit -Eyeputti-" by immie and double eyelid cosmetics even as for what is got close widely so that "eye people who petit", call to are and is used like general words.

Besides, very popular product recording sales 60 million totals or more deals with familiar item with drugstore and beauty magazine including makeup brand having stick lipstick "opera lipstick" of first in Japan released in (1917) in "false eyelashes to paint" with and 1917 in the origin a lot.

One of the brands of immie, "-naturie-nitsuiteo talks today nachurie".

Basics made with fair skin are moisture

It may seem to be natural to give skin moisture, but, in fact, is very important. When moisture in stratum corneum is short, barrier function of skin decreases and becomes easy to invite skin troubles such as skin roughness or excessive sebum secretion. nachurie pays its attention to hydration and maintenance to skin and is skin care brand which we continue studying every day.


About pigeon wheat extract

It was said that pigeon wheat with high nutritive value in particular was good for beauty and health for a long time in grains, and it has been useful as "薏 *jin" (Coix Seed) even the world of Chinese medicine. It is said that Yang Kuei Fei which is one of the three major beautiful women of the world took in pigeon wheat to keep the beauty. Originally pigeon wheat extract which we extracted from pigeon wheat supports function of humidity retention ingredient which there is on skin and is nature humidity retention ingredient leading moisture to skin which it is easy to save.


 [product of Chuo-ku] Choice of skin care!
"nachuriehatomugi lotion"

Photo by Alex Kwok/CC BY-SA 3.0, from Wikimedia Commons


Photograph is China, Shaanxi, statue of Yang Kuei Fei taking a bath in bloom Shoge (kaseichi) of the suburbs of Xi'an. Bloom Shoge is Onsen with history 3,000 years or more, and it is now in sightseeing spot. For Yang Kuei Fei, hot spring must have been also the secret of the beauty.

Then it is Chuo-ku are introduced here. in skin care item of nachurie which combined pigeon wheat extract.

Every day a lot of hydration pigeon wheat lotions

Choice of every day a lot of hydration pigeon wheat lotion [product of Chuo-ku] skin care!
"nachuriehatomugi lotion"

nachuriehatomugi lotion 500 ml 715 yen (tax-included)

No fragrance, no coloration. It is usable to both face and body. For frank usability, it infiltrates skin straight without being sticky and fills stratum corneum with water. We can use in combination with your skin care product.

500 ml of size fully usable generously. It is recommended to after-shave lotion of kamingu (calming) and man after having taken sunlight as it is mild. In almighty item which does not choose person to employ, I have been using habitually for many years, too.

Pigeon wheat humidity retention gel which is moistened with veil of water, and follows

Choice of pigeon wheat humidity retention gel [product of Chuo-ku] skin care to be moistened with veil of water, and to continue!
"nachuriehatomugi lotion"

nachuriehatomugi humidity retention gel 180 g 990 yen (tax-included)

We prepare veil of water into the skin surface, and skin filled with moisture continues. After pigeon wheat lotion, it is effective when we use to close the cap of skin. If paint into thick pieces, and put five minutes, in simple gel pack.

It is fresh and young, and pigeon wheat humidity retention gel which growth has good is recommended when we are worried about dryness of body. We do "it moisturizes first of all" to prevent bath agarinotokinadoha, drying of skin and can repeat usual care later.

Fun of repeat buying

Choice of fun [product of Chuo-ku] skin care of repeat buying!
"nachuriehatomugi lotion"

Pigeon wheat skin care series of nachurie sometimes releases advantageous limited set.

This was attributive quality of April. Mini-size of pigeon wheat humidity retention gel gained mini-size of pigeon wheat lotion to pigeon wheat humidity retention gel to pigeon wheat lotion. We come to look forward to coming across attributive quality when we purchase repeatedly.

It became like travel set when we put mini-size together. Day gone for trip with this pretty set come back early.


Blessings of nature and nachurie of the easy feel. We recommend as product of usable Chuo-ku every day.

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