Wine and cheese

Unique whiskey bar "BAR Ira Island Ginza" of Ginza

We opened in April, 2016, and the fifth year began. Entrance of cafe and wrong departure. But there is not by mistake. To 12:00-17:00 except Sundays and holidays, we provide coffee as Tachi field coffee roast place. Satoshi Tateda of owner bartender visits Ira Island every year from 2013, and he tries for local live intelligence. A lot of whiskey which is rea where only Islay whiskey, distillery have 80% of whiskey of shop is doing lineup.

Tateda in shop.

Tateda in shop. Unique whiskey bar "BAR Ira Island Ginza" of Ginza

It is eight counters, table four and compact, but is comfortable shop.

Lineup of whiskey

Unique whiskey bar "BAR Ira Island Ginza" of lineup Ginza of whiskey

Glass of feelings

Unique whiskey bar "BAR Ira Island Ginza" of glass Ginza of feelings

We are concerned with glass and are tailor-maked because we value balance, flavor of flavor and taste. We design in Japan and are made in Slovakia. Atmosphere of shop is combined when we drink by this glass and gives presence of mind and softening. In addition, 2F is reserved for 9,800 yen as event space about 20 for one hour and loans.


BAR Ira Island Ginza

〒104-0061 1-19-12, Ginza, Chuo-ku Ginza glass gate 1F, 2F

TEL 03-6263-0433

Coffee 12:00-17:00 regular holiday Sundays and holidays

Whiskey 17:00-24:00 regular holiday Sunday, Monday, holiday