Fireworks of Sumida

Feel Meiji; Bank of Japan and Tokiwa Bridge

Under the influence of new coronavirus, all of you thought whether the serious situation was spent, but, meanwhile, cherry blossoms walked Nihonbashi area which would flower to dissolve body that I became dull (the afternoon of Friday, March 20).

This place is street in between Bank of Japan and Currency Museum, the name "Edozakura-dori St.." It is place where cherry blossoms are famous for flower in Chuo-ku as open place. There was place where flower opened than we thought, and passing turned smartphone to flower. As warm day continues, we may advance until full bloom at a stretch from now on.

 Feel Meiji; Bank of Japan and Tokiwa Bridge

As for the name called "Edozakura-dori St.", "Sukeroku affinity Edo cherry blossoms" of Kabuki seem to have connection, and epitaph of signpost in street used to be written for 12 generations by Ichikawa Danjuro. But it is revealed that head office of Bank of Japan main building of important cultural property, Mitsui main building, historic building after Meiji such as Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Main Store concentrate on when we actually walk this street. So we may say that it is place where historic atmosphere after the Meiji era is felt rather than the Edo era.

 Feel Meiji; Bank of Japan and Tokiwa Bridge

It was Bank of Japan that appeared in photograph and was completed by design of Kingo Tatsuno of architect in 1896 (Meiji 29). Such a historic building and one taking in total look good if we take photograph of cherry blossoms here. It becomes in full blossom and thinks that you can point camera to building by all means if this street is gone along.

We are installing main pillar by construction of Tokiwa Bridge

Feel Meiji during setting of main pillar by construction of Tokiwa Bridge; Bank of Japan and Tokiwa Bridge

Construction of Tokiwa Bridge which appeared peeped out in Bank of Japan neighborhood, Nihonbashi River. When we came in the end of October, last year, construction advanced considerably, and white "inner column" stood on the bridge.

 Article of the end of October, last year → ★This★

Surprisingly, setting of main pillar was carried out when we saw state of work. It is white guy floating in the air. It seems to be marble.

 Feel Meiji; Bank of Japan and Tokiwa Bridge

When we were going to cross bridge, bridge name is written to main pillar with structure such as a certain pillar well near entrance of bridge. If it is common bridge, the number of main pillars is four in total, but what there is features eight in total as 1 is bundled with two in the case of this Tokiwa Bridge. Furthermore, the form is linked between one set of main pillar with octagon by "sleeve handrail".

 Feel Meiji; Bank of Japan and Tokiwa Bridge

When this sleeve handrail became made of stone and was information that we looked for from net, repair seemed to be performed expressly this time in Shodoshima which floated by Setouchi. It seemed to become setting, but gorgeous figure could imagine than we thought and considerably enjoyed finished figure from now on.

It is 1877 (Meiji 10) that this stone Tokiwa Bridge was made. As the present Nihonbashi Bridge becoming important cultural property is 1911 (Meiji 44) bridging, it is bridge which is special even if we compare with that, and is old. Year when that Ginza brick street was completed if 1877 said historically in Chuo-ku in year when we had the Southwestern Rebellion. What stayed can say only miracle so far.

 Feel Meiji; Bank of Japan and Tokiwa Bridge

For place that can feel the Meiji era in present Chuo-ku, this place with Bank of Japan and Tokiwa Bridge feels like being the first except Nihonbashi Bridge when we think in various ways.

In the self-restraint mood due to new coronavirus, invention that is all of you color color is done, and itsumonimo increases with, for example, it is Sumida River terrace and Hama-rikyu-teien, and various places of Japanese families feel like enjoying.

As cherry blossoms of Edozakura-dori St. of Nihonbashi area bloom like usual age while it looks like it, please take in atmosphere in the Meiji era with cherry blossoms if this just what is walked.