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Ayumi of Kyobashi library and local reference library
 ... center Ward Kyobashi library ...

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About center Ward Kyobashi library, we uploaded article of "Sugawara of Kyobashi library area reference library" on February 19.


 Ayumi of Kyobashi library and local reference library
 ... center Ward Kyobashi library ...

We look back on history of Kyobashi library this time and introduce around "current local reference library".

We were taken care of by center Ward Kyobashi library Kenji Sugawara this time.


In addition, image except image of two pieces of tops and explanatory note of history picked up than "center Ward Kyobashi library (October, 2014 issuance) of center Ward Kyobashi library editing, issuance of the 100th anniversary".

Then history of Kyobashi library explains.


1911 (Meiji 44)
The Tokyo City Kyobashi simple library opening

Ayumi of Kyobashi simple library opening Kyobashi library Tokyo City in 1911 (Meiji 44) and local reference library
 ... center Ward Kyobashi library ...

(image is Kyobashi primary school.)

"Tokyo City Nihonbashi Bridge simple library" opened in Joto primary school in Nihonbashi Bridge ward (in those days) in 1909 (Meiji 42) three months a year before 1 when we saw from current Chuo-ku.

Kyobashi simple library was opened in Kyobashi primary school of six Kyobashi ward gold (in those days).

We receive contribution of 607 baron Ichizaemon Morimura others inhabitant of a ward volunteers and purchase about 3,200 books.

We had partitioning of a part of rainy weather ephebeum and assumed reading room and used room of 9 tsubo rests as library and office.


1912 (Meiji 45)
We are renamed to the Kyobashi first simple library

The opening was decided in Tsukishima primary school as "Kyobashi second library", and it was actually in 1912, and current center Ward Tsukishima library was after, but it opened in the same year.

"Kyobashi simple library" will post "the first" as the opening was hit in Tsukishima.

In addition, we started rental out of the hall of book in 1912.


But the second library was further renamed to "Tsukishima library" "Kyobashi library" library best in the next year in.



1922 (Taisho 11)
Kyobashi library move

Ayumi of 1922 (Taisho 11) Kyobashi library move Kyobashi library and local reference library
 ... center Ward Kyobashi library ...

It is free and borrows building attached to Grand Ceremony of Accession memory Kyobashi hall built in same Kyobashi ward six towns and moves.

For the biggest characteristic,

* All being open shelf type bookshelf.

* Child reading room having been established from the beginning of establishment.

But, we are cited.

And it became independent hall next to Hibiya, Fukagawa, Hitotsubashi as Tokyo municipal library.


The number of reading was minimum out of 4 independence building, but 39,000 number of the people of rental out of the hall was the most results in Tokyo.

Total floor area 347㎡

10,152 collection of books (the end of August, 1923)

An average of 468 reading staff days


1923 (Taisho 12)
We are destroyed by fire by the Great Kanto Earthquake

13,401 books have been burnt.

But, in the next year, we were opened with temporary building built to the ruin of a fire.


1927 (Showa 2)
We move to Kyobashi ward Kobikicho
1929 (Showa 4)
The opening new as compound facility

1927 (Showa 2)
We move to Kyobashi ward Kobikicho
1929 (Showa 4)
Ayumi of the opening Kyobashi library new as compound facility and local reference library
 ... center Ward Kyobashi library ...

It is built after the move at one time as compound facility with Kyobashi ward office, Kyobashi public hall at Kyobashi ward 1, Tsuiji to Kobikicho and opens as the Japan's biggest open shelf type library in those days.

We receive high evaluation as super modern library.


 Ayumi of Kyobashi library and local reference library
 ... center Ward Kyobashi library ...

There was disinfection by sunlight room fitted with glass on thalamus, the roof on list room and male reading room, the third floor on child room and office, newspaper reading room and magazine reading room, the second floor on the first floor.

In addition, we established business library room with the opening and prepared 3,000 reference books including 200 or more kinds of newspapers, magazines, quotient reports, list, advertisement material.

Total floor area about 2,113㎡

16,900 collection of books (the end of March, 1929)

An average of 339 reading staff days


 Ayumi of Kyobashi library and local reference library
 ... center Ward Kyobashi library ...

(image is Kyobashi library at the time. As you see it becomes colonnade.)


1943 (Showa 18)
Tokyo city is merged with Tokyo prefecture, and Tokyo is born,
It becomes Tokyo Metropolitan library with that

1947 (Showa 22)
Nihonbashi Bridge ward and Kyobashi ward are born merger, Chuo-ku
1950 (Showa 25)
We are transferred by the capital and become center Ward Kyobashi library

1961 (Showa 36)
We establish business reference library

Because it was a lot, medium and small-sized business founds 36 seats of "business reference libraries" which they prepared about 1,000 mainly on economic book near those days.

There was "business library room" from the beginning of opening, but disappeared naturally all over the wartime.

It was the first attempt in Tokyo we changed the name, and to have brought this back.

It was taken a lot up in those days in the newspaper space.

We are changing now at "reference investigation corner".


1962 (Showa 37)
Native district reference library establishment

1970 (Showa 45)
New building opening

Ayumi of 1970 (Showa 45) new building opening Kyobashi library and local reference library
 ... center Ward Kyobashi library ...

We scattered duties for ward office main government building rebuilding construction at one time in each elementary school of Arima, capital, Joto in 1967 (Showa 42), but opened in current ward office main government building basement 1.2 floor.

Total floor area 2,553㎡

86,371 collection of books (April, 1970)

An average of 578 reading staff days


 Ayumi of Kyobashi library and local reference library
 ... center Ward Kyobashi library ...

(image is Chuo-ku government office.)


 Ayumi of Kyobashi library and local reference library
 ... center Ward Kyobashi library ...

(general counter)


Characteristic of Kyobashi library

Kyobashi library possesses valuable material which we collected during history more than 100 years.

We have avoided war damage, and book issued in prewar days or book which received censorship at drama-related materials, Department of the Interior are one of the possessed city libraries that there is few.

We cannot rent these materials from the viewpoint of material preservation as principle, but reading is possible.

Application is necessary about copying.

In addition, by map search and search by keyword (place, building, river or bridge), we can see image data.

Even the Web gallery are introduced image depending on theme.



About local reference library
Sugawara interview

At time to talk about Edo, most are Chuo-ku.

"Local reference library" is collecting materials of city called "Edo" not the Edo era of Japanese history.

It is one of the characteristics that we wait, and collect walk relations plenty.

Cultural assets relations are settled in this corner, but it is Nihonbashihoncho that Ieyasu Tokugawa enters Edo, and began town development first when it says why it is right here.

Of course we are not popular by oneself (as for Ieyasu Tokugawa).

Is it said that we did town break that has begun to let bureaucrat make?

Place was slightly strange, but, Nihonbashihoncho, city planning was performed now as the starting point of the first town development there before making bridge of Nihonbashi Bridge.


The downtown area greatly changes reconstruction contracts by the Great Kanto Earthquake including Chuo-ku.

So we gather Imperial capital reconstruction contracts to see that we already changed in this way.

As Showa-dori Ave. is one, we recruit what made road newly.

And Yoshiwara was in Ningyocho.

So manners and customs relations are good or it is with red light district or, not bad squid, is with necessary evil in the Edo era or says that it is necessary and approached, or such an information is object of collection, too.


Sanno of "the world festival" or most of parishioner of Kanda are big stores () of Nihonbashi Bridge.

So there is what there is festival and raises.

It is river of Edo, river of Tokyo in Chuo-ku being the metropolis of water at the center of Edo Tokyo as we just said.

A lot of buildings of modern architecture are made from Imperial capital reconstruction contracts after the Great Kanto Earthquake, the relations.

We build Edo-jo Castle and are related.

As this back is with local company, face or facility, or Nihonbashi Bridge district is the commercial birthplace of Edo Tokyo.

As for Nihonbashi Bridge riverside fish market relations, Tsukiji, further but we have moved to Toyosu of Koto-ku market relations from Nihonbashi Bridge.

It is the birthplace of private painting school and we decide drama, Kabuki, the subject and collect.


It all keeps "Ginza one hundred (than the first issue of 1955) (said to be first Japanese town magazine), too".

We receive contribution, and there are 23 wards and one of house map, 45 years and 48 years of 1962 of Tama, too.

There is history and we edit from the around 30s of the Showa era and still continue "Chuo-ku chronological table" all the time.

The staff clips out clipping of Chuo-ku-related article every day and puts and soaks index.

With whole Chuo-ku and Tsukishima and Ginza, we continue Tokyo Bay much more in Nihonbashi Bridge and Kyobashi, person in charge of Kawaseki more, drama relations and that and we divide binder and spell.

It is interesting place, this reference library.


There are approximately 24,000 prewar books, and there are 2,400 trust books of the Department of the Interior and.

We offer materials here.

Person whom he/she wants to question (about the old days of Edo Tokyo), please come to this area reference library.


・・Thank you, ・ Sugawara.

We introduce "Kyobashi library has just begun" on the next time.

Please expect.


Center Ward Kyobashi library

1-1-1, Tsuiji

03-3043-9025 (representative from library)

03-3536-5680 (local reference library direct)

Opening time from Monday to Friday 9:00-20:00

     Saturday 9:00-19:00

     Sundays and holidays 9:00-17:00

      9:00-17:00 (local reference library)

Thursday, New Year holidays third for closed days

 There is temporary closing for rearranging, facility maintenance check especially.

Central city library official homepage is this